The Costa Rican-Nicaraguan journalist, Lucia Pineda, was among the released this Tuesday in Nicaragua from La Esperanza prison.

Lucia Pineda and Miguel Mora at home this Tuesday morning after an early morning release. Today Nicaragua

Pineda, along with her boss and owner of Nicaragua’s cable television news 100% Noticias, Miguel Mora, were imprisoned last December for reporting on the protests against the government of Daniel Ortega. They were being held on alleged charges of terrorism and inciting hate, among others.

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The Costa Rican government had sent letters to Nicaragua on multiple occasions demanding the release of Pineda and then to know more of the journalist’s condition when the government of Daniel Ortega did not bow to diplomatic pressure.

The release was part of Nicaragua’s amnesty law that was passed under the order of Ortega for freedom to all political prisoners in the country, as part of goodwill to put an end to the sociopolitical crisis in the neighboring country.

Critics point out that the amnesty also absolves Ortega and his cronies of any wrongdoing since the uprising that began on April 18, 2018.

In one of her first public declarations, Pineda says she intends to continue to report, informing the population.

“We are going to try to reorganize ourselves because a lot of the personnel are in exile, especially in Costa Rica. We will have to see, they have to return the (television) channel,  to Miguel, the director, to see how the whole newsroom is reorganized and dispersed and we want to continue informing, as well as the channels that the Ortega family has to inform, we also have that right,” said Pineda.

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