Last Minute Shopping collapses routes minutes before new restrictions take effect


Like good Ticos, where everything is left to the last minute, this Friday afternoon was no different, with a difference, the vehicular restrictions began at 5:00 pm.

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In the Central Valley, for the most part, minutes before the restrictions, with its new sanctions (¢107,000 colones fine, 6 points and seizure of vehicles/plates), it didn’t look any different than any other Friday.

Especially around supermarkets – malls and most other retailers had to close at 5 – with their own measures of not allowing too many people to be inside at any one time.


In case you haven’t heard it yet, every night starting tonight and continuing into Sunday, April 12, there is a complete vehicular restriction in place. And tomorrow and continuing into Wednesday, vehicles with even and odd plates face daytime 5 am to 5 pm restrictions.

Come Wednesday, April 8, the restrictions become even more severe, only two plates per daytime are allowed to circulate and then only to do a local supermarket or pharmacy run.

Best is to stay at home. if you need to go out, unless it is a medical emergency like taking someone to a hospital or clinic, if to a doctor appointment have proof handy, mind the restrictions.

A violation will not only hurt your pocketbook (fine), but will face driver-ed when you renew your license and will be walking, literally, until well into the following week, when the Cosevi offices re-open on Monday, April 13, to retrieve your plates or vehicle.

The vehicular restrictions are countrywide.

Here is the list of exemptions.

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