Legislator for the Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN), Franggi Nicolás, unveiled this Friday the text of her motion that would allow institutions that provide essential services to carry out peaceful strikes.

PLN legislator Franggi Nicolás

The motion, says Nicolás, would endorse strikes in essential services such as hospitals and police, as long as minimum service attention is guaranteed that protects users.

Nicolás explained the importance of her proposal on her social network, saying that it would give the courts the tools to qualify a strike as illegal or illegal expeditiously, but “without curtailing the right to free expression of citizenship, since people can raise their voice when they disagree with any public policy.”

Nicolás said that her proposal focuses on the right to freedom of expression in which she added ”Finally, I tell you that this text is neither pro-union nor pro-business, what it seeks is to regulate the strike without undermining the right to freedom of citizen expression”.

The legislator says her motion has the support of at least 11 other legislators, from various political parties.

For his part, Albino Vargas, the leader of the ANEP, one of the strongest public workers unions, denied the text of the motion was created in consensus with them, although he acknowledged that he met with Nicolás on Thursday.