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Leprechauns: Facts About the Irish Trickster Fairy

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There is something strangely compelling about the legend of a leprechaun. This Irish creature is said to be something of a trickster but gives you luck when gambling. So just what do we know about these cheeky little creatures?

Legend or Living

It is widely accepted that Leprechauns are just a legend; however, their belief and other fairies were actually something that many people in Ireland believed in for a long time. You will still find someone who thinks that they are real. Traditionally we depict Leprechauns as being green dressed in a suit of green with a little hat, and they generally have buckled up shoes and a bad habit of smoking a pipe.

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This is actually a relatively new tradition as if we look further back; we will see that people actually decided they wore red suits and red hats. It is thought the change to green happened because of the association with Ireland being the Emerald Isle.

There is a lot of green on display in Ireland, and it is synonymous with St Patrick’s Day as well as the cheeky little fairies. Another interesting fact is that Leprechauns are only ever male; they cannot be female, leading to questions about their heritage and where they keep coming from!

What Do They Bring?

The common premise about the Leprechaun is that it brings good luck. They are also considered to be relatively well-off little creatures as they have a pot of gold. Their treasures are kept safe cause they keep them at the end of a rainbow.

We have already proven that the end of the rainbow is not something that a human being has ever been able to find, as it just seems to move the closer you get. So, if you want to get your hands on the pot of gold, you need to catch yourself a living leprechaun. However, they are tricky little things, yet no one has been able to do that either.

If you do happen to bag yourself a Leprechaun, they will reward you with three wishes. Now we agree that this does sound vaguely like Aladdin and the lamp, but we are assured that they are real and out there, and sooner or later, someone is going to catch one. One thing you may not realize about the Irish fairy is that they are incredibly moral, and they do not like greedy people. If they think you’re after their pot of gold, they are just as likely to trick you and lead you astray than reward you for finding them. It is said that if you are in the presence of a leprechaun, you will hear them tapping away with their tiny little hammers because the Leprechaun is also a shoemaker.

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They toil away night and day-making shoes, and if you hear them, then you can be sure they are close by. When work is finished, they like to dance, so if you catch a glimpse of traditional Irish music and can’t be sure where it’s coming from, it could be the Leprechauns playing their instruments while dancing a jig.

Protected Species

So, although they are widely considered to be a mythical creature, such is their power and presence in Ireland that they are actually a protected species since 2009 under a European Directive. In 1989 a local called P J O’Hare hit the headlines when he said he had discovered the body of Leprechaun but was unable to prove anything because he claimed the skeleton disintegrated but had the clothes; he said the poor deceased creature was wearing.

Entirely how they worked it out, we are not sure, but there is also said to be 236 left in Ireland (interesting calculation for a creature that is never seen and cannot be caught!) So, if you visit on holiday, then you know what you are looking for!

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Don’t Cross the Clurichaun 

A little-known fact about the leprechauns is that they have a cousin who is famous for causing trouble because he’s drunk. The leprechauns are a hard-working bunch who always commit to their shoemaking activities, but the Clurichaun who is related to them has a hankering for alcohol and drink.

These mischievous and rather evil creatures haunt the cellars of pubs and breweries overnight. So, if you plan to go leprechaun hunting, even more care needs to be taken because you do not want to catch one of their cousins, as this can only lead to even more trouble.

In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, if you are planning a holiday to Ireland and want to spend some time looking for Leprechaun, you need to be hunting around the end of the rainbow, listening for the hammer of their tiny shoemaking activities or the strains of the Irish jig carried on the wind.

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