Monday 27 September 2021

Marches in favor of Bolsonaro shake the Progressive International

Brazil's president has promoted the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest and mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed almost 600,000 people in the country so far.

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Q24N – Millions of Brazilians marched this week in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro and against what they call the “dictatorship of the toga” because the Supreme Federal Court (equivalent to the Supreme Court) persecutes the most prominent supporters of the president, even deputies.

But the mere call for the demonstrations shook the Progressive International, which issued a warning, assuring that Bolsonaro endangers Brazil’s democracy and warning of an alleged “coup d’état.”

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In total, 150 political figures from 26 countries joined.

“We, elected representatives and leaders from around the world, sound the alarm: on September 7, 2021, an insurrection will endanger democracy in Brazil,” says the statement from the Progressive International released the day before the demonstrations.

A “deconstructionist” and “postcolonial” current

It is enough to observe how they write their manifestos to show that the Progressive International is part of the ideological current of the political left of a “deconstructionist” character. Through “inclusive language” they promote changing the structure of the language and questioning what is established, starting with biology, denying the existence of men and women to limit it to a social phenomenon.

Along the same lines, they declare themselves “postcolonial”, in this way they confront the indigenous legacy with the Spanish and lead society to confront not only each other but also making people deny their origin and ancestors.

Also appearing among the signatories of the manifesto against Bolsonaro are the Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, as well as Alicia Castro, Oscar Laborde, Hugo Yasky, Cecilia Brito, Eric Calcagno, Omar Plaini, Fernanda Vallejo, Marita Perceval and Mónica Macha.

Now that Bolsonaro calls for a printed voting system to be able to do a manual and transparent count, the Progressive International is against it.

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“On August 10, he led an unprecedented military parade through the capital, Brasilia, and his allies in Congress pushed for radical reforms to the country’s electoral system, widely considered one of the most reliable in the world,” they say.

Looking at the electoral results in countries such as Peru and the United States, Bolsonaro warns about the danger of electronic voting, claiming that in the aforementioned nations there were complaints that questioned the results because they can be easily altered if there is no auditable printed system.

Bolsonaro, the biggest obstacle for the left in the region

To understand the reason for the antagonism between Bolsonaro and the Progressive International, it is necessary to trace its origin. Bolsonaro’s electoral victory meant the transfer of the international left from the Sao Paulo Forum to the Puebla Group, in Mexico.

Two years later, in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, the Puebla Group called for adding and consolidating strategies to counter the right. «The progressivism that identifies us as the Puebla Group must be articulated with the recent effort of a group of intellectuals and recognized figures on the left to establish the First Progressive International. To the extent that we join forces, an articulation of progressive forces in different latitudes will strengthen us and give us a greater perspective regarding our future challenges, based on the enormous asymmetries that mark our societies,” he detailed in his statement.

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Bolsonaro has become the greatest threat to these referents and groups. Well, his political project is patriotic, sovereign, in defense of life, family and traditions, everything that progressivism wants to destroy.

For this reason, the largest march in the history of Brazil, the largest country in South America, puts at risk the official discourse and the narrative that Bolsonaro is as tyrannical and ruthless a president as the progressive press portrays him.

On the contrary, he shows how he still has the support of the people; more than 57 million Brazilians took him to the Presidency in 2019.

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