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Natalia Carvajal tells of her arrest at San Jose airport with false proof of covid-19


Q MAGAZINE – he former Miss Costa Rica and television personality, Natalia Carvajal, broke the silence of her arrest several weeks ago at the Juan Santamaría airport when she presented a (alleged) false Covid-19 test in order to leave the country.

Former Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal

Carvajal gave details in her Instagram stories of what she experienced at that time and assured that due to all the bad atmosphere that it generated around her, she made the decision, along with the producers, no longer to be part of “Nace Una Estrella”, the local production of A Star Is Born by Teletica.

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Johanna Solano, model, actress, triathlete and ex-beauty pageant titleholder who represented Costa Rica at Miss Universe 2011, took her place.

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Of course, the former Miss Costa Rica did not explain at any time what happened or how she obtained the (alleged) forged document.

“Did it ever hurt me. I was super excited about the (television) project, but I think I needed this time to disconnect, I was in Alaska for a week, I spoke with Vivi (Peraza) my producer and we made the decision that it was the best, I needed to detoxify from all that hatred that was in the environment,” she said.

“I don’t take it personally, I know that when these things happen, gossip is interesting, I know that there are people who are unhappy in their own lives and one way to unload that is by doing it with strangers on social networks and there are also people who don’t know what is reported and believes everything they read in the newspaper and they make the decision to send hatred to people without even knowing the real situation,” she said.

“I tried not to read anything (of what was written about me). Please, who am I? It touched me worse than all the people who were there with me for the same reason, we all had the right to the same process, it was exactly the same, with the difference that they went home and continued on with their lives and I am still dealing with the consequences, but the option was the same, a suspension of the process, there are more than 10 thousand people with that,” she added.

In the end, we really don’t know what really happened or why of the outcome. It is assumed that there was conciliation and she had to make a donation to a charity that the courts of Alajuela have previously established in other cases.

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