Thursday 30 March 2023

Ortega Government Says God Will Protect Nicaragua from Coronavirus

While Costa Rica and Honduras closes their borders, the Nicaragua does not suspend classes and promotes fairs and tourism

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The Government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues to row against the tide in the matter of coronavirus prevention: Vice President Murillo ordered to “expand and develop” all the events raised in her summer campaign, called “Nicaragua All Sweet, with Love for You, summer 2020 ”.

Cruiseship “Amadea” with 470 tourists and a crew of 310 arrived at Port of Corinto, in Chinandega on Saturday, March 14. The cruiseliner left Mexico on March 9

This means that they keep face-to-face meetings on the agenda such as “fairs, contests, catwalks and ventures”, among other activities “typical of the season, in the logic of our Creative, Family, Popular Economy and of our Local Culture”.

An attitude opposed to closing borders, quarantines and avoiding crowds of people taken by other countries, regardless of whether or not they have confirmed cases of covid-19.

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“We promote Promotion in all its forms, because we know how much Work, Effort and Creativity goes to this Season that represents enjoyment for un@s, Trabajo Digno and Bienestar Familiar, para tant@s (sic),” said the vice president.

Historically, Easter is one of the most vigorous times for the national economy. After the serious socio-political crisis caused by police and paramilitary violence, the Ortega-Murillo government tries to revive the economy with its “creative economy” model. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly in Central America, the Sandinista administration refuses to impose a preventive quarantine, arguing that “thank God there is no confirmed case.”

The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN) reported on Monday that they will limit the religious celebrations of Easter due to the covid-19. The bishops asked the faithful “most vulnerable to contagion” not to attend masses and processions, and the hosts will be delivered in the hands and not in the mouth. But Murillo rather encouraged in his circular to participate in religious days: “Natural presence, according to the Faith of our People, in all the Cults, Traditions and Religious Events, typical of the Season (sic),” asks the vice president.

In Contrast

Against the grain, Honduras and Guatemala closed their borders on Monday, Costa Rica on Wednesday.  While this Saturday in the Port of Corinto, in Chinandega, the Tourism Institute (Intur) received dozens of tourists who came aboard the cruise ship Amadea. The cruise ship set sail on March 9 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, stopping in Guatemala and El Salvador. “The cruise passengers were received by children dressed in folk costumes and Intur authorities,” reported the propagandist El 19 Digital.

“The Nicaragua Toda Dulce, con Amor para Vos, Verano 2020, is maintained, expanded and developed with more Media Protagonism, in all forms, including Networks, INTUR, Mayors, and the Protagonists themselves and the Cultural Promoters, Environmental, Tourist and Social (sic) ”, ordered Vice President Murillo.

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The government details that all “the Social, Trade Union, Merchants, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Digital and Technological Initiatives and Carriers meetings” are also “maintained, expanded and developed”. “All Cultural and Sports, Social, Economic, Environmental, Creative and Innovative Events; all the Infrastructure Works and Lots and Homes are maintained, expanded and developed ”, reaffirms the circular.

In all the circular, Murillo highlights that they will maintain “all the Planning that multiplies Hope and Achievements, and at the same time we take care of and comply with all the Indications of Preventive Education, so that Health prevails (sic)”.

Anasha Campbell, co-director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), announced this Monday that they have 80 activities prepared in the context of Easter, “as part of the restitution of the right to healthy recreation, recreation, and the enjoyment of art and culture in tranquility and peace ”. Among the activities mentioned, a marathon in the Salvador Allende port, a field mass in León Viejo, concerts and popular festivals stand out.

Prevention plans vague

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Regarding the prevention plans that the government has in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Murillo’s circular is very vague. “We are going to guarantee from the Specialized Institutions, the permanent transmission of all the Indications and Measures that emanate from the National, Regional and World Health Authorities,” states the document.

Photo from El 19 Digital

For her part, Health Minister Carolina Dávila Murillo signed a statement stressing that quarantine will not be declared in the country. He assures that if there are cases “with respiratory symptoms and an epidemiological link”, the individual will be admitted to a health unit for study. If there are indications of coronavirus, the patient “will be admitted to the established medical health unit.”

“People from countries with risk of transmission established by the WHO and without symptoms, will have no restrictions on their mobility and movement in the country,” added Minister Dávila. The statement from the Ministry of Health is out of line with the warning that its specialists made on the stage that 32,500 infected and 813 deaths in Nicaragua due to the coronavirus could be registered in six months.
Mined does not suspend classes

The Ministry of Education (Mined) issued a guide intended for teachers to prevent the spread of the virus. Although the document provides general information about the covid-19, and a series of measures such as hand washing and avoiding “crowds”, the Mined does not suspend classes or workshops for teachers. Instead, foreseeing “eventuality”, they recommend teachers use technologies such as “Facebook life” (the correct thing is Facebook Live) or WhatsApp to follow the school calendar.

In a more political than technical tone, Vice President Murillo expressed in her circular that they will “work from all State and Government Entities to ensure all the Plans and Programs of this Year of Grace, 2020, as well as that preventive and permanent protective reproduction , to continue making all the efforts of containment ”. “We have the privilege of being organized, from the neighborhood, the region and the community, and this greatly facilitates work and care,” said the first lady.

The article was translated in English from the Read the original in Spanish here.

Article originally appeared on Today Nicaragua and is republished here with permission.

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