Poas Volcano Eruption

Awesome photos of the Poas volcano eruption taken from Playa Naranjo, in the Nicoya Peninsula


Q PHOTOS – Awesome photos of the Poas Volcano eruption sent to the Q by Ken Beedle, taken from his home in Playa Blanca, Puntarenas, on the Nicoya Peninsula on Monday morning (May 22).

In the first photo taken at 5:34am, there was no eruption.

“Needles to say, I was startled by what I saw and took several dramatic photos,” Ken Beedle.

Three minutes later, Ken captured the explosion from the volcano.

Ken’s home is located about 6km south of the Playa Naranjo ferry landing almost directly across from the city of Puntarenas.

You can reach Ken at kbincostarica@msn.com.


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