Sunday, 5 July 2020

Presidenta Chinchilla All Alone

Editorial – Presidenta Laura Chinchilla Miranda is more and more all alone.  The once supporters of the Presidenta’s Circle of Supporters  are now her critics

At some point they were political friends, perhaps personal friends. They supported her to ascend to the presidency and some even defended her campaign promises. Today, what was Presidenta Laura Chinchilla’s inner circle of friends having now practically all turned against her.

The Presidenta has been left all alone.

And she has only herself to blame for she alone is responsible for practically turning everyone against her. Her actions in controversial cases like the trip to Peru and Ecuador, the San Ramón road concession, the dispute with Nicaragua over the Isla Calero, the Trocha scandal of corruption and her overall management of the government in general, are part of the reasons she is surrounded by massive criticism, including within her own party.

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The trip to Peru on a plane allegedly linked to drug trafficking and the San Ramón road concession, culminated the anger of Bernal Jimenez, president of the PLN party. “It’s a failure of government, a very large oversight not to have checked who owned the plane”, said Bernal.

The PLN leader assures that the Presidenta has moved away from the party and turned her back on it and other very important political people.

The San Ramón concession, for example, made opposition of PLN presidential candidate Johnny Araya, who until a few months ago shared a relationship with Chinchilla without attacks. Adding this, the Presidenta’s overall management of the government and the country has generated serious internal friction.

- paying the bills -
- paying the bills -
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