The streaming of content through apps and Internet pages, as well as exclusive channels on paid television, are changing the transmissions and the exclusivity of national soccer games.

For the first division clubs, the gains for transmission rights are one of their main sources of income and this allows the cable companies like Tigo and Cabletica to empower the sponsors with better defined and segmented viewers.

In the current Torneo de Clausura 2019, the clsoing games between Herediano and San Carlos will be televised by Tigo Sports, an exclusive cable channel owned by Millicom International Cellular, soon to add 2.3 million Movistar Costa Rica users.

In addition to cable TV, mobile applications and streaming of games via the Internet have been growing since Cabletica opened a TD+ platform in 2018 for the Mundial de Futbol Brasil 2018 and where they currently offer their own content.

The exclusivity of some games has not been well received by some fans, but the cable companies ensure that this business model will be a reality in the future, provided that there is demand and adequate platforms for its transmission.

Source: La Republica