Strike in almost every medical center in the country

If you have a medical appointment today, best is to call ahead.


With four hours in, the strike by public health workers of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), is affecting almost every medical center – hospitals and clinics – across the country.

Though there is still no official report of affected patients, the different union groups have reported – in their social networks – the points where their members have joined the protest movement that began at 6:00 am.


Undeca reports “support” in hospitals: Max Peralta in Cartago; Calderón Guardia, San Juan de Dios, Mexico in San Jose; Monsignor Sanabria, in the city of Puntarenas; Cuidad Neily in the southern zone; and the Enique Baltodado in Liberia.

In addition, medical centers in Palmichal, Esperanza, Nicoya, Cañas and Barranca.

For its part, Siprocimeca says the strike movement is affecting clincs (Ebais) in Puerto Jiménez, Coronado, San Rafael de Puntarenas and the San Francisco de Asís Hospital.

The only services guaranteed are emergencies and patients with cancer and the interned.

If you have a medical appointment today at a state hospital or clinic, best is to call ahead.