Wednesday 16 June 2021
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Sanctions law against the government of Nicaragua will soon be in the hands of Trump

Next week, the United States Congress is expected to approve amendments to the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality (NICA) Act, and then it will pass to President Donald Trump to sign it. U.S. President Donald Trump will have ten days to sign the law that will approve...

“The strong U.S. reaction reflects a certain frustration”

Nicaragua’s former Foreign Minister, Francisco Aguirre Sacasa, says that U.S. president Donald Trump and the U.S. Senate offered the Government of Nicaragua the possibility of a “soft landing” to overcome the political crisis, but President Daniel Ortega “did not take advantage of a great...

Ortega Proposes To Promote A “Popular Economy” To Reactive Growth

In response to U.S. sanctions against President Daniel Ortega’s inner circle, he said that he would boost the popular economy to reactivate growth and face the Nica Act, which can mean for Nicaraguans a dangerous remedy given that it can worsen the productivity and...

Ortega Says Planned US Sanctions Will Bring Poverty To Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega criticized Saturday the draft sanctions that the United States Congress is discussing against his government saying such actions would bring poverty and economic troubles to his Nicaragua. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega waves to his supporters during a march in Managua, Nicaragua, Saturday,...

Daniel Ortega To TeleSUR TV: ‘The Coup Was Defeated’

In an exclusive interview with TeleSUR TV’s Patricia Villegas, in Managua, Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega said that the “coup was defeated” and that the country has experienced extreme violence over the past several months at the hands of the “extreme right” of Nicaragua and...

Nicaragua Looking for Alternatives in Face of US’ ‘Interventionist’ NICA Act

In the wake of the looming threat of the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act (NICA Act) — a U.S. bill that is set to impose economic and financial sanctions on Nicaragua — the country is looking for alternatives. According to Nicaraguan economist Luis Gustavo Murillo, the...

Nicaragua’s Private Sector Lobby Gets Into Gear to Stop US Economic Sanctions

In order to prevent or at least soften similar economic sanctions, AmCham hired the US consulting firm Carmen Group Incorporated “to take due steps” with the US Congress and Trump administration. (Actualidad Venezuela) The American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua (AmCham) is taking measures to prevent the US...

Nicaragua Says ‘Nica Act’ Reflects Continuity of US Imperialism

The government of Nicaragua has rejected the decision of the United States to sanction the Central American nation through the so-called Nica Act and demanded respect for its sovereignty. The Nica Act seeks to impose economic sanctions by the U.S. on Nicaragua over alleged authoritarianism...


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