Tuesday, 4 August 2020
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Unacceptable to intervene journalist’s telehones in order to know their sources

The College of Journalists of Costa Rica and the Institute of Press and Freedom of Expression (Iplex) described the suggestion made by Judge Iris Rocío Rojas Morales as unacceptable, that journalists' telephones should be intervened for the judiciary to know their sources. Raúl Silesky, president...

La Prensa runs blank front page in protest of Ortega regime

Nicaragua’s oldest and most-widely read newspaper, La Prensa, published its Friday edition with a blank front page in protest against what it says is the government’s withholding of ink, paper and other materials needed for its printing press since September. La Prensa circulated on Friday...

Automated Digital Tools Threaten Political Campaigns in Latin America

(IPS) - The use of technological tools in political campaigns has become widespread in Latin America, accompanied by practices that raise concern among academics and social organisations, especially in a year with multiple elections throughout the region. The use of automated programmes – known as...