Sunday 13 June 2021
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Daniel Ortega Fears the Emigrant Vote

TODAY NICARAGUA  – There are less than ten months to go to the 2021 general elections in Nicaragua, although they still haven’t been formally convened. For Nicaraguans living outside the country, political analyst Manuel Orozco warns, there’s no assurance they’ll be included. Sandinista Front won’t...

‘They Tortured a U.S. Citizen’: Communist Repression Continues Against Students in Nicaragua

Marco Noel Novoa survived over a week of intense torture in a Nicaraguan prison, exacerbated by the communist regime knowing his status as a U.S. citizen and fearing he was working for the CIA. In remarks to Breitbart News this week, Novoa says the violence...

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega Rules Out Early Elections!

President Daniel Ortega on Saturday ruled out early elections. In a rally of his supporters, in Managua, came Ortega’s response to the demand made by bishops of the Episcopal Conference last month, demanded Ortega to call an election for March 2019, ahead of his...

How the Sandinistas Lost The Youth of Nicaragua

By Cinthia Membreño, – Children of the Revolution. In 2006, I voted for Daniel Ortega. I was 17 years old, a freshman in college, and strongly influenced by the stories my parents told me about the Sandinista Revolution he helped lead in the...

Nicaragua Leads Latin America in Gender Equality

Supporters of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega flock to the streets of the capital to celebrate his victory. | Photo: Reuters TODAY NICARAGUA – The 2016 Global Report about Gender Gap, issued by the World Economic Forum found that Nicaragua leads Latin America in promoting gender...

Why we should care that Nicaragua is becoming a dictatorship (again)

by Tim Rogets, - When Daniel Ortega was re-elected president in 2006, I cheered for Nicaragua. When he sidestepped the constitution to get himself re-elected in 2011, I worried for Nicaragua. And now that Ortega is consolidating dynastic rule by making his wife his 2016...


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