Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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President Alvarado Turns To Mendez To Clean The Mess At Casa Presidencial

Costa Rica president Carlos Alvarado has given the task of putting the house (Casa Presidencial) in order to the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Rodolfo Mendez. At 82, Mendez is the oldest of Alvarado's cabinet and perhaps the most experienced in government, with a...

Businessmen laments government mistakes but ask ‘turn the page’ to resume economic recovery

Leaders of the business sector say they understand the situation that the Government is going through, but, at the same time, they need to “turn the page” to resume reforms in pursuit of economic recovery. This was stated by Yolanda Fernández and Enrique Egloff, presidents...

UPAD: Government of Carlos Alvarado Sinks To Bottom

The "decretazo" UPAD has an unleashed a political scandal sinking the government of Carlos Alvarado.

Victor Morales resigns as Minister of the Presidency

The Unidad Presidencial de Análisis de Datos (UPAD) has its latest victim, the Ministro de la Presidencia (Chief of Staff), Victor Morales, who announced his resignation on Wednesday, one day after his appearance before the Legislative Assembly where he faced an interrogation over his...

Carlos Alvarado is the “big chief” of the Data Unit, according to opposition legislators

The Unidad Presidencial de Análisis de Datos (Upad) - Presidential Data Analysis Unit - which has generated a political storm, was promoted and directed personally by President Carlos Alvarado, according to opposition legislators, who earlier this week launched an attack against the Government. The appearance...

Carlos Alvarado is exposed to six years imprisonment for prevarication

Carlos Alvarado and seven other government officials could go to jail for up to six years for the crime of prevarication if the Prosecutor's Office (Ministerio Publico) manages to prove that a crime was committed by the creation of the Presidential Data Analysis Unit...

President and Minister start their day without cell phone or laptop

President Carlos Alvarado and his Chief of Staff (Ministro de la Presidencia), Víctor Morales Mora, had their cell phones and laptops seized during the Friday morning raid on Casa Presidencial (Government House) related to the Presidential Data Analysis Unit (UPAD). The unit, by decree, had...

Attorney General Raids Government House In “Confidential Information” Case

Attorney General, Emilia Navas Aparicio, at 8 am this Friday morning, led a raid on Government House (Casa Presidencial) along with the Oeganismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) and while the Ministero Publico (Prosecutor's Office) executed raids on nine other locations. The raid on is related...

Nothing happened here!

President Carlos Alvarado, despite explaining ad nauseam that "nothing happened" AND apologizing for the UPAD debacle, he is having a difficult time setting blame.

President acknowledges mistake with UPAD, but leaves more questions than answers

President Carlos Alvarado, on national radio and television, admitted on Monday night that there were "errors" in the formation of the Presidential Data Analysis Unit (UPAD), secretly created by the Government to handle “confidential” information of Costa Ricans, and described the concerns regarding the...

President Carlos Alvarado is criminally denounced for the creation of UPAD

Costa Rica president, Carlos Alvarado, was criminally denounced by lawyer Gloria Navas, for the creation of the Data Analysis Unit (UPAD). According to Alvarado, the UPAD team was created for decision making through statistics, however, it also gives the government access to confidential information from...

President orders to stop the work of data analysts unit, amid controversy

Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado ordered on Sunday a stop all the work of his data analysis unit, "so that the Ombudsman's Office will conduct its investigation." The president announced his decision through his Twitter account, where he said he prefers that the Defensora de...

Presidential Spying?

Two economic advisers in the office of President Carlos Alvarado, Alejandro Madrigal, and Andrés Villalobos, have been working for a year and a half, secretly collecting information and storage of private data of certain sectors of the population. The work of the two advisers and...

Carlos Alvarado gives up creating an office that would access confidential database

The government reversed and repealed on Friday the decree that created a new office in Casa Presidencial, under the president Carlos Alvarado, which could access information of a "confidential nature" that is available in public institutions. The Minister of Communication, Nancy Marín, through a press...


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