Taxi drivers do not want the Law that seeks to regulate services like Uber to allow people to make “extras” after work. That was one of the points that the taxi drivers union revealed Wednesday to the Comisión de Asuntos Económicos de la Asamblea Legislativa – Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly – where bill 21.228 is being discussed.

While their represensative is inside appearing before a legislative commission on legalizing (or not) Uber, taxi drivers blcok the avenida in front of the Legislative Assmebly

According to Randall Jimenez, representing the “red taxi” drivers, allowing Uber and other services like Necso, Ticab, Beego and Donde está mi taxi CR – and others – drivers to work part-time, after they’re done with the day job, leads to precariousness of the service and takes away resources to drivers who work full time.

Jiménez explained that previously they tried to compete with their own platform, Easy Taxi, however, they could not continue for the

The “red force” alleged “unfair competition” by Uber

by Uber, because the latter company uses a portion of the (30%) of trips for publicity.

The taxi drivers also want to limit the number of licenses (drivers) of their competition to not more than 4,500.

Meanwhile, while their leader was inside the Legislative Assembly, a group of taxi drivers blocked the Avenida (avenue) in front of the Legislative buidling, blocking all traffic. They warned that they will in protest of the bull continue with the blockades.