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Teamwork: Key Success Factors

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Dollar Exchange

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30 November 2023 - At The Banks - Source: BCCR

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A team can be made up of employees at the same or different levels and divisions of the company. While working as part of a team, all team members have equal rights and perform the duties arising from the goals and objectives of the team. It does not matter what position a colleague holds for teamwork. All employees have equal positions on the team.

The rights and obligations of team members serve as a basis for organizing teamwork and evaluating the participants’ abilities.

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Duties of a team member

  • Each team member is responsible for directing their energies, knowledge, and abilities toward achieving the team’s objectives.
  • Each team member should help to resolve conflict situations between other members of the team.
  • Each team member should feel free to express their thoughts on the problems encountered without regard for the obligations that bind them to the manager in the main place of work.
  • No team member should make their activity conditional upon the group’s acceptance of their recommendations. Moreover, each team member should be prepared to comply with the majority decision, even if that decision conflicts with their ideas.
  • Each team member should be loyal to their colleagues. He should not inform outsiders of the content of team discussions and decisions or use those decisions for personal gain.
  • Each team member is responsible for treating the other team members as equal partners. They should objectively analyze their ideas and express viewpoints on them.
  • Tolerance and mutual respect are essential to successful teamwork.
  • Each team member must inform the others of everything they need to know to accomplish the tasks assigned to the team.
  • No team member may prevent the team members’ cooperation because of their own likes and dislikes.
  • Each team member should strive to establish good business relations with the other team members and resolve conflicts as fast as it’s possible.

From these responsibilities flow the rights of the team member.

Rights of a team member

  • Shall have the freedom to state their opinion and demand that it be verified.
  • Demand a confidential, non-public, intimate relationship. Must not reveal any thoughts expressed during team activities to third parties. Employees may not be endangered by the ideas they say while working in the team.
  • Receive objective and complete information from other team members.
  • Demand that teamwork is conducted ethically.

The benefits of teamwork

  • A team makes it possible to accomplish tasks that one person cannot do alone.
  • Creating a team is a guarantee that the interests of all parties will be taken into account when devising a solution.
  • The risk of making a wrong decision and overlooking important facts is reduced when the team works together.
  • The team helps to combat “production blindness” that one employee doesn’t notice out of habit, the other sees, which in turn is blind to specific problems in his area of work.
  • Teamwork strengthens the willingness and ability of managers at all levels to cooperate.
  • An employee who has worked in a team expects fewer difficulties when interacting with colleagues or other parts of the company.


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Carter Maddox
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