Teatro Nacional Opens Its Doors To The Public This Weekend

Visitors can enjoy free guided tours of San Jose's architectural jewel


More than 1,500 people on Saturday visited the Teatro Nacional (National Theater) and discovered the hidden secrets of the architectural jewel of San Jose.

The building in the heart of the capital city, built in 1897, is open to guided tours this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Visitors will enter through the gardens of the Theater and will be greeted by living statutes and Pintal artists, “Painters in the open air of Costa Rica” who will recreate different areas of the monument.

In addition to the tours, visitors have the opportunity to see live musical performances. In the first hall, for example, the harpsichord will be played by musicians such as Roberto Enrique Vargas, José Pablo Calvo, MaryBehy Navarro and María Clara Vargas, who will play old and baroque music.

The foyer will receive visitors with lyrical singers, all students of the baritone Jose Arturo Chacón.

Visitors can take pictures and have their photos taken with the characters of the interactive painting.

Visitors will also have access to backstage and and a dressing room, an area little known to the general public.

Entrance is free. Be prepared for the lines.

For more information visite the Teatro Nacional website.