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The Best Sports To Play On A Beach

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Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world. The coastline is blessed with golden sand, beautiful palm trees, and perfect blue water. However, if you’re not the sunbathing type, you should plan a few beach sports to play. Here are the best sports to play on a beach.

Beach Volleyball

As you might have guessed from the name, beach volleyball was made for the beach. It might be the perfect beach game. It’s relatively easy to play, it gets everyone involved, and you need a soft surface to play on.

The rules are similar to indoor volleyball, and you’ll need a proper net to play. Some beaches have them, or you can bring your own.

Ultimate Frisbee

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Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport for the beach. The aim of the game is to pass the ball to your teammates and ultimately score goals, similar to football or rugby. However, this sport is designed to be low-contact, so it’s more suitable for families to play. It makes perfect sense to play on sand because it involves a lot of diving to catch the frisbee.

Bat & Ball (aka Kadima)

Bat & Ball (also known as Kadima) is one of the most low-maintenance racquet sports there is. You don’t need a fancy court, you don’t need a net, and you don’t need expensive equipment. All you need is two wooden paddles and a small rubber ball. You can normally find these for sale in a local shop around the beach.

Sand Soccer (Beach Football)

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s normally played over the winter and has a break during the hot summer months. That’s why sand soccer (or beach football as it’s known everywhere else in the world) is the perfect summer beach sport. You can play with as many people as you want and all you need is a soccer ball. Then, when the summer is over, you can reconnect with your favorite winter sports.

Beach Basketball

As you probably guessed, beach basketball is basically basketball played on sand. Instead of bouncing the ball, players throw it from one to another without moving. This makes it more similar to netball to basketball in many ways. You will need at least one net to play, so it’s not the cheapest beach sport to get into.

Beach Rugby

Beach rugby is a sport that is based on rugby union. It is commonly played in eastern Europe but doesn’t have a centralized league like other sports. It’s a great sport for rugby fans to play at the beach, but it can get a little too physical for the average beach-goer. Probably not the best beach sport if you’re going on a romantic holiday with your partner.

Beach Flags

If you fancy yourself as a fitness freak, you’ll love beach flags. This game is an elimination race in which players race to pick up a flag from a lying down position. It’s used by lifeguards to practice beach sprinting and reflexes.

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