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The Gaming Industry Is Planning For Diversification In 2021

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The gaming industry saw a huge profit in 2020 due to COVID-19 as people were locked inside their houses. After having a blockbuster profit last year, the gaming industry will have to fight hard to maintain its profit this year with its releases.

In 2021, it is expected that the global gaming industry will generate a revenue of $175.8 billion according to Newzoo which is a bit lesser than the revenue earned in 2020. As the economy is reopening all across the globe due to eased-up restrictions, it will be hard for the gaming industry to keep the attention of the people. To meet this issue, the Entertainment Software Association is planning to organize a trade event- Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), one of the biggest shows in the gaming industry.

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Last year, the event was canceled but this year the show featured Nintendo, Microsoft, and Ubisoft that revealed fresh concepts and content to keep the gamers engaged. Further, the need to diversify the games was also discussed.

Highlights of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2021

E3 2021 announced plenty of new games including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 which was long-awaited by gamers. Further, Nintendo went ahead to roll out the trailer of the game as a bold and creative game. The trailer featured plenty of aerial action for which Zelda is known. Also, it is expected that games like Ganondorf and Bokoblins which will feature multiple villains will be rolled out in 2022.

Further, Marvel will soon roll out a few releases including the Guardians of the Galaxy which will feature a group of rebels. However, it will take some to get the Marvel license and more discussions are taking place. The game was facing a problem because Square Enix, the game maker who has the rights to the characters does not own the security rights to the actors who have portrayed these characters. However, the game features wonderful graphics and shooting scenes.

War of Wakanda is also a game that will keep the gamers engaged with their favorite superheroes of the Avengers. If the trailer is to be believed, the game might be rolled out in August this year.

Nintendo will be rolling out a few games like Mario Party and WarioWare. With Mario Party, many classic mini-games including board games will be made available to the gamers. The option to play both locally and online will be made available to the players. The game is to be released on October 29, 2021. The previous year also saw the growth of many games that allowed the users to earn money like the West Bengal State Lottery from home.

Ubisoft will be rolling out the Avatar game and the game will feature the jungles. In the trailer released, the virtual world created for the game was visible which looked wonderful but the details of the game were hidden for now. avatar game is based on the blockbuster Avatar movie which is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time,

Plans of diversification

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E3 is also planning to bring diversity to the gaming industry this year by being more inclusive and fighting the trolling culture that exists in the gaming industry. The issue was addressed in a panel that had participants from USC games, Girls Make Games, Games For Change, and Gay Gaming Professionals. Participants of the panel pointed out that people of diverse backgrounds find it extremely difficult to pursue a career in the gaming industry, the result of the same is visible as 71% of the game developers are male and 81% of the game developers are white.

Many gaming companies saw huge growth and diversity in their audience when a lot of people started playing games along with playing Kerala State Lottery to escape the chaotic world and to ensure some sort of social sting while ensuring social distancing. Alan Lewis, Take-Two’s Vice President commented that being inclusive by supporting diversification will only make the gaming industry a better industry. Further, it will help to ensure that the games created are authentic and culturally relevant which can show the actual culture.

Xbox Game Pass is the star of the show

Xbox Game Pass has been declared the real star of the show as it revealed 27 of the 30 games. The biggest titles by the Xbox Game Pass which was announced included Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Black4 Blood, and Hades.

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