– Drinking, working and living in Costa Rica just seem to go hand-in-hand…Or maybe it’s just me.

pilsenHere’s the problem(s). I(we) live in paradise. EVERYDAY is a vacation day or at the very least, a Friday or Saturday. Seriously, everyday.

And although we work hard, we also work for ourselves so there’s no one telling us we can’t extend lunch for 5 hours, so in essence, everyday has the potential to be an extended, never ending ‘Happy Hour’.

And as you might imagine, we meet a LOT of tourists, and guess what, they’re on vacation too, so we’re not opposed to showing our Costa Rican guests a good time. Pura Vida. Not sure if we’ve ever said, “no” to a beer.

Vacation is one thing, living here is another…. here’s our video about DRUNKer in Costa Rica. ENjoY!

[youtube id=”KwBSCLFM5wE” width=”620″ height=”360″]