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This is what San José would look like in the year 2050

...according to artificial intelligence (AI)

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QCOSTARICA (El Financiero) The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that create content has allowed millions of people to become familiar with this technology.

Although AI has been accompanying our lives for decades – for example, in fields such as aviation, video games, finance, medicine or the operation of smartphones -, the possibility that we ourselves can experiment with tools from our screens is relatively new.

The El Financiero (EF) has published quite a few articles on the subject.

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For this report, the EF set the task – or rather put four AIs to the task –  of imagining what San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, would be like in the year 2050.

The results vary from one tool to another. The instruction, in the form of a question, was very simple for the four creative engines: “What will San José, Costa Rica, look like in 2050?”

These are the results and the links to each AI in case you are interested in experimenting with them:

San Jose in 2050 according to Bing Image Creator
San Jose in 2050 according to Bing Image Creator
San Jose in 2050 according to Bing Image Creator


San Jose in 2050 according to  Photosonic
San Jose in 2050 according to Photosonic
San Jose in 2050 according to Craiyon
San Jose in 2050 according to Craiyon
San Jose in 2050 according to StarryAI

See all the images at

What is an artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines and computer programs to perform tasks that require cognitive abilities similar to those of humans, such as reasoning, perception, learning, decision-making, and understanding. of natural language.

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AI is based on algorithms and mathematical models that allow computer systems to process large amounts of data and draw useful patterns and conclusions. AI systems can be trained to improve their performance on a specific task through machine learning, which involves analyzing input data and adapting algorithms to improve response accuracy.

Every word in the above paragraph was written by Chat GPT, from OpenAI, perhaps the most popular language artificial intelligence in 2023.

In the case of AIs like the image generators we used above, they work in a similar way to text AIs: they are given an instruction and the intelligence produces images as requested. They usually create from the knowledge generated by databases through deep learning or deep learning.

Read the original article in Spanish at

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Paying the bills
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