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Tips for Applicants from Costa Rica Applying To US College

The biggest tip in the process of looking for a college is to have multiple choices.

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


Applying to schools after graduating marks a huge milestone in any young adult’s life. It becomes an even more significant opportunity and responsibility when they are trying their hand at education in another country.

When applicants from Costa Rica are getting ready to apply for college in the United States, there are some tips they should keep in mind. These tips will help them have an easier time with college applications and find their way into the schools they’ve always dreamed of.

The College Application Essay

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Pretty much every university in the United States asks for applicants to submit an essay alongside their application to show who they are alongside their achievements. Unfortunately, recruiters don’t spend a lot of time on those essays. So, it’s important to make sure to capture their eye right away to stand out.

There are a lot of tips available on these essays. Start with a right hook, be yourself, and tell them what the application doesn’t say about you. If you are struggling with this essay, it’s a good idea to find a professional essay writing help to aid you on nailing your admission.

Look at Scholarships

One thing that is universally true inside the U.S. is that college can be rather expensive. Luckily, there is plenty of aid out there. These are usually in the form of loans that need to be paid back after graduation and grants.

Another option is scholarships. These are funds that students earn through achievement. They might be received via graduating with specific academic results or activities such as essay contests. These aren’t guaranteed funds, but it’s an excellent place to look. At the very least, you don’t have anything to lose from trying.

Plenty of Types to Choose From

One of the greatest things about the United States is the variety it offers. As such, there are plenty of types of colleges that students can choose from. Students can attend women-only universities, religious colleges, and, of course, comprehensive universities.

Apply to Multiple Schools

The biggest tip United States high schoolers get during the process of looking for a college is to have multiple choices. Getting into college can be difficult, mainly when students are aiming into schools with higher prestige.

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For instance, if a student wants to get into a school such as Yale or Harvard, that’s great! However, they won’t want to bet everything on that acceptance letter.

Instead, most counselors suggest that students treat these schools as “reach” schools. They might be the school of a student’s dreams, but it’s best to have a backup. These are often divided into;

  • Reach schools – the dream schools students have
  • Target schools – schools students would like to get into
  • Safety schools – schools that students will get into

By most recommendations, students should apply to a few reach colleges, a few target schools, and at least two safety schools.

Many students don’t apply to quite this many schools, though. This is because many U.S. colleges charge an application fee for using. The more high profile the school, the higher the charge typically is.

Start Early

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Each college has a deadline for applying. These deadlines don’t typically line up, so it’s best to look them up and keep track of them.

It’s also a wise idea to apply with plenty of time in advance. This will help keep you ahead of any technical difficulties.


With these tips in mind, students from Costa Rica can find the college that fits them and gets admitted. All you have to is a plan and give it your best. Then, you’ll have a shot as a student in the U.S.!



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Paying the bills

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