A 25-year-old woman, identified by her last names Robles Flores, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon, suspected of pimping or proxenetismo in Spanish.

Photo Poder Judicial

Originally from Nicaragua, the woman is accused by the Section of Crimes against Physical Integrity and Trafficking who raided a beauty salon used as a front, in the center of Guadalupe, which was frequented in its majority by men.

Authorities learned in the investigation that began in October 2018, that each client was charged ¢22,000 colones (US$37) for a one-hour session with women, but paid them only ¢5,000 colones, pocketing the rest.

During the raid on Tuesday, police were able to confirm that in the back there were two rooms where the sexual services were provided.

Two of the three women were Costa Rican, the third a Nicaraguan national, one of which was 17 years old.

According to our Criminal Code, the crime of procuring (proxenetismo) is punishable by between four and ten years in prison.