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Tips What to Do in Costa Rica in Retirement

Costa Rica can be a paradise on earth for all new retirees out there. You just need to know what you want and where you can find it.

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Costa Rica can be a paradise on earth for all new retirees out there. You just need to know what you want and where you can find it.

When it comes to retirement, there is no right or wrong on how to spend it. This time solely belongs to the people who earned their rest from all the work, stress, and typical youthful years’ worries. Luckily, elderly years promise us wisdom, peace of mind, and enough finances to spend them the way we please when the time comes.

Well, it should come as no surprise that many people prefer traveling when they retire. Why not? When you spend most of your life working or taking care of other people, retirement years should be about you and your satisfaction.

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Traveling can give you a second chance in life to experience everything for the first time. When you find yourself in a new culture, the language and traditions of which are unknown to you, you get to be a child all over again. And what is the better place to travel for a newly retired person than Costa Rica? It is not a far destination, so the flight won’t be too difficult.

It’s quite different, but yet partly familiar. It is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful nature and unique culture. It won’t be too expensive, so you could keep on traveling further to the South. And, it won’t be too difficult for inexperienced travelers to find their way around the country. It can be a magnificent place to spend a few weeks or even months for any new retiree.

Especially since you can travel there visa-free and stay for 90 days! This time may be just enough to see everything Costa Rica can offer to tourists. Let’s see what we are talking about!

Arenal Volcano

Have you ever seen a volcano? Do you want to? Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano is one of the top tourist destinations. It is not only because of the volcano, of course, which is sleeping, by the way. You have nothing to worry about. People come here for the unbelievable nature. It is one of those natural wonders that you don’t want to miss in your life.

The whole place is very nicely done, with lots of different tours (at various prices), numerous trails to explore, little waterfalls to see or even swim in. The flora around Arenal Volcano is like in no other place you’ve seen. If you are not planning to hire a guide, at least hire a writer to learn more about this place’s unique history and nature. Just read a few essay writing service reviews before you make your final choice.

Of course, before coming there, be sure to check the weather. Thick fog or rain may ruin your day there quite a bit.


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What should a retiree do in Costa Rica, you ask? They should visit every beach in the country they can find! They are all gorgeous, peaceful, full of sun, sand, and smiles. Though you should include Guanacaste in your list of beaches. It is called the Gold Coast for a reason.

Guanacaste shores are stretching up to the Nicaraguan border, so don’t walk off too far! We are not done with Costa Rica yet. This beach can also be a nice place to rest if you are getting tired of the country’s heavy humidity. Guanacaste is located in a dry region.

It can be a very pleasant contrast to the climate in the rest of the state. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Santa Rosa National Park. It’s not just a beautiful park to see, but a place of great historical significance. You can learn more about it by ordering a history paper at topessayservices.com.

It’s always nice to explore the culture you are traveling to, to understand it better.

Calypso’s Tortuga Island

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Do you like diving? Have you ever tried it? Well, regardless of your answers, Calypso’s Tortuga Island can be the perfect place to recall your diving skills or to try doing it for the first time.

It is a place of incredible beauty. You get to see underwater life in all its variety and uniqueness. If you are afraid of diving or can’t do it for any other reason, you can simply go snorkeling there.

In fact, just by swimming, you will still have enough opportunities to see all the life beneath you. Frankly, you’ll need to read at least a few of the speedypaper reviews to see if they have writers talented enough to document what you have just seen in those waters.

After all, you may like having an essay about your adventures for your future memoirs.

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