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Paying the bills


Would you like to study in Costa Rica? The good news is it has several universities to suit all your higher education requirements. Moreover, studying in Costa Rica is like a dream come true for many students, owing to the nation’s highly advanced society, conducive tropical rainforests, breathtaking beaches, and desirable quality of life.

Pursuing higher education in Costa Rican institutions means you can fall into several categories. They include private, state, and para universities, which can be either private or state-owned. In addition, there are five major state-owned or public universities among more than 60 campuses across the country. Equally, some Costa Rican universities are classified among the top advanced learning institutions in the global rankings.

When choosing a university in Costa Rica, it is essential to note some crucial details that will help you decide on the institution to join;

  • Most private universities are small compared to public universities as they often specialize in a particular field.
  • Public universities are often ranked as the providers of high-quality education nationwide.
  • While all institutions are enviable, public universities are considered the most desirable choice for students from various colleges.
  • To enroll in higher education in Costa Rican universities, you must have all relevant requirements from the ministry of education and respective schools.
  • For example, students must complete a baccalaureate test when requested by their preferred institution.
  • International students can also study in Costa Rica universities, especially in institutions in large cities, Heredia and San Jose.
  • University education is not free but is available at an affordable cost for all.
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If you wish to study abroad, then universities in Costa Rica are ready for you. It is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll ever make. Therefore, we have prepared a list of several English-speaking universities in Costa Rica to help you make an informed decision on the best institution to join.

English Speaking Universities in Costa Rica

Why study in Costa Rica while there are several other places globally, probably better for international students? First, Costa Rican institutions do not only allow students to learn but also to become part of the community and participate accordingly. Second, the nation has enviable beaches and tropical rainforests, making the study destination an almost impossible dream to achieve. Lastly, but equally important, Costa Rica has several English-speaking universities to accommodate the needs of international students.

University for Peace (UPEACE)

United Nations University for Peace is one of Costa Rica’s English-speaking universities. It is located in San Jose, one of the biggest cities in the nation. Therefore, UPEACE is a perfect study destination for international students.

UPEACE is an intergovernmental establishment awarded the status of a university. It was founded in 1980 after the United Nations General Assembly treaty. The institution has its main campus in San Jose, Costa Rica.

UPEACE received its official accreditation from the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education (SINAES) on 16 May 2014. As a result, it has since offered master’s programs within the foundation’s development, environment, and peace departments. Correspondingly, SINAES accredited the institution in 2016 to provide master’s programs in international law and the settlement of disputes and an MA in international law and human rights. With worldwide authorization, UPEACE awards globally recognized academic degrees, especially among the General Assembly member states.

By incorporating English-speaking in its system, with no Spanish prerequisite, UPEACE has produced over 2000 alumni originating from over 120 nations globally. Its master’s and doctoral programs have helped the facility prepare students to assume future leadership. Upon graduating from this university, you will be ready to actively explore and formulate viable strategies to help address problems affecting human beings and society, as well as contribute to global peacekeeping.

Universidad Veritas

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Universidad Veritas has been in existence for approximately 50 years. It incorporates English as one of its major communication languages among students and is considered one of the best higher learning facilities. The university is an LCI Education Network member and accepts national and international students.

Depending on students’ needs and preferences, Universidad Veritas allows you to choose whether to study in English or Spanish. As such, it is classified as the best private higher education facility across Central America. Furthermore, joining the university allows you to be trained as an expert distinguishable for their excellence and worldwide vision.

The institution offers a wide range of academic programs, including;

  • Architecture
  • Advertising Design
  • Product Design
  • Film and Tv
  • Internal Space and Design
  • Marketing
  • International Fashion Design
  • Digital Animation
  • Photography

Besides the academic programs, Universidad Veritas offers the following nationally and internationally recognized skill development programs;

  • Workshops and related programs
  • Technical programs
  • Free courses and training
  • Specializations
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To join the campus, virtually or in person, you can call or write to the admissions department through the proper channels available on their website.

Universidad Nacional Costa Rica

Universidad Nacional Costa Rica is classified among the top advanced learning institutions in the Latin American ranking. While most of its programs are offered in Spanish, others are available in English, allowing international students to join the public university.

It serves as a home for over 12000 students from across the globe. As hinted, Universidad Nacional Costa Rica offers a vast selection of undergraduate programs and more than 65 graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Regardless of your field of interest, you are welcome to check its availability at the facility and enjoy the serene and interactive learning environment.

Most students get anxious about being accepted into such a prestigious institution to pursue their preferred program. You can now seek professional assistance with your admissions letter, CV, resume, or other academic submission requirements from well-established online essay writing services. Experts at Custom Writings can help you craftily write original admission papers from scratch. If not sure, you can always check reviews of such companies by other students from the USA and across the globe to ascertain their capability to deliver high-quality work.

Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR)

Besides being ranked as the best public institution, UCR was founded in 1940 and is the oldest university in Costa Rica. Its main campus is in San Pedro and boasts the most prominent student enrollment, approximately 39600. In addition, UCR accommodates national and international students, and some of its programs are offered in English.

Universidad de Costa Rica offers academic degrees and programs that are officially recognized nationally and internationally. The institution received its formal accreditation from the Ministerio de Educación Pública, Costa Rica.

Other than academic programs, in case you choose to join Universidad de Costa Rica, you can be sure to enjoy numerous extra-curricular facilities and services. For example, the school has a sophisticated library, classy entertainment hubs, and modern sports facilities. So, have fun choosing your university of choice in the enviable country, Costa Rica.

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Paying the bills
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