Violence Crisis: 202 Homicides In 4 Months!

The number of murders in the first four months of the year is up from the same period last year.


The numbers aren’t looking too good, this first four months of the year are going down in the books as the most violent. And if the trend continues, 2018 could easily top last year’s record 603 murders.

According to statistics published by the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ), the number of murders from January to April (without counting the last few hours of today) is 202.

That is 17 more than the same period last year when there were 184 murders.


Monday morning, Walter Espinoza, the head of the OIJ, said the figures indicate the high level of violence that is used to resolve conflicts in the country.

“There is a situation of violence that has been growing for the last 3 years and not only with drug trafficking but with the increase in disputes,” said Espinoza.

According to the OIJ director, action plans are being drawn up to stop criminal groups that operate with violence and to reduce cases in the country in the medium term.