TICO BULL – It’s been a few days and still I have not been able to find anything relating to a bomb scare at the Embassy of Israel in San José, as reported by only one English language online news media.

I am sure that, if in fact there was some type of threat, serious or a hoax, the Spanish language media would have picked up on it. I am convinced that it would have been a headline on the 6am television news, front page on the La Nacion. The Diario Extra that brings us sensationalism would have been all over it.

I am a news junkie. Hard to believe, right? I start my day early, usually around 3am visiting an untold number of websites, seeking out reports for stories that readers of the Q can use. I mean there is little that escapes my attention. After more than a decade of doing this daily I have developed a keen sense and a number of reputable sources for stories.

This one, the bomb scare, left me in doubt. When I have doubt I do one of two things: move or dig deep.

I searched all the online Spanish and English and print media, searched Google, Yahoo, even Bing. Nothing. Went deeper in my search. Still nothing. Not even on Facebook. And we all know that Facebook if the centre for everything real and not so real. Nothing.  Even reached out to a couple of colleagues in the online publishing and they could find nothing.

I double checked the story.  Could be it be satire piece? I double checked. Nope.

Please, if you can shed any light on this, send me an email: rico@theqmedia.com.

Don’t let me believe that this story was made up.