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What are the Biggest Benefits of Using Bongs?

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Cannabis is popular all over the world. Its leaf has become a symbol of peace and relaxation throughout the years, and many people use cannabis for multiple reasons, such as reducing stress and pain or just to have a good time.

Basically, this plant has become one of the vital solutions for mental health problems. It has conveniently become legal in most developed and undeveloped countries, and people started enjoying cannabis in various ways.

Weed consumption nowadays does not only depend on rolling and smoking. You can use vaporizers, eat edibles, use bongs, etc. However, every type of cannabis consumption has its benefits and goals. Not all people prefer smoking cannabis joints due to unwanted smoke and its harshness on the mouth and lungs.

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Thus, bongs are introduced to cannabis consumers as an ultimate choice, taking their smoking experience to the next level. Bongs are simply smoking items with an extended pipe in which a consumer inhales cannabis. It is also composed of a bowl linked to a slide in which one places the herbs. The slide is set just below water level; the precise amount depends on the intended result, and bong owners have their preferences. If you’re looking for a bong, check out DankStop’s best selling bongs collection. Bongs can be your next cannabis smoking item after reading about the benefits of using them.

Smoother Hits

Bongs are an excellent choice for smoking cannabis for beginners and even heavy cannabis smokers if they want to reduce the unwanted damage. The smoke of bongs is smoother in the lungs. The velvety smoke is produced due to the effect of water that cools it, and the water also filters out ash and tar.

You can notice that the water in your bong will likely turn brown after smoking for a while. That color is due to the filtration process. With a bong, you can take and enjoy smoother and bigger hits without worrying about the harsh, unpleasant taste of smoke from rolling papers.

It’s Simple to Use

Rolling cannabis can be time-consuming and sometimes irritating, especially when you are already high and want to roll another joint. Rolling takes a lot of practice, and there is always room for joints’ imperfections. Thus, bongs can be a good item for new cannabis consumers.

Water bongs are very easy to use, and they don’t require complex steps or concentration. First, you should pour the water into the water chamber. The water level is dependent on the preference of the consumer. Then, you will have to grind your marijuana and place it into the bowl. Light it and enjoy smoother and bigger hits from the bong.

Variety of Options

Since bongs have become a preferable item for cannabis users, the cannabis market has produced a variety of options for using a bong. Nowadays, modern bongs have an array of filters that filter smoke in various ways, so having a bong can fit any type of cannabis smoker.

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For instance, standard bongs feature the classic water filtering system, while ice bongs cool down the smoke and give users a delightfully smoother hit. You can also purchase recycleror recycling bongs, which are composed of two chambers. They also cool down the heat from the smoke very efficiently. Finally, you can choose percolators. These bongs are known for their excellence in their filtration system.

Healthier Alternative

Bongs are considered a healthier alternative than rolling in your marijuana in papers. If you smoke cannabis with a bong, know that the water traps mold and bacteria. Adding to this, the bong decreases the number of microbes, which can be filtered in the water rather than in your lungs. With a bong, you can reduce the harmful effects of smoking that can destroy your immune system. However, you should be consistent in changing the water whenever it starts to turn brown.

Easy to Clean

Your bong should be cleaned once a week or between smoking sessions if you want to stay healthier. Luckily, cleaning bongs is not complex. Start by getting rid of the dirty water. Disassemble the bowl, and remove all the composing parts of the bong. Then, rinse your bong with warm water.

For a deep clean, make sure that each bong piece is placed into its own container and rubbed with alcohol and salt. You can also pour a cup of alcohol into the bong and shake it while plugging the holes. After using alcohol, you need to rinse all the parts in warm water again, and then you are good to go.

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Besides having all these benefits, bongs will always be regarded as fun and enjoyable.

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