Constructora Rodsa, Constructora Peñaranda and Constructora Codico are three of the companies that in the first quarter of 2019 were awarded contracts by governments to build all types of public infrastructure in Central America.

Ruta 27, Costa Rica

An analysis of CentralAmericaData’s Trade Intelligence unit provides data on the companies that from January to March 2019 were awarded government contracts to build all types of public infrastructure in Central American countries.

The information compiled details that in Costa Rica the companies Constructora Peñaranda S.A., Constructora MECO S.A., Rodríguez Constructores Asociados S.A., Quebradores del Sur de Costa Rica S.A., Procon S.A. and Consorcio DIACSA, are among the companies with the most contracts awarded from January to March 2019.

In Panama, among the main companies building public works are Puentes y Calzadas Infraestructuras S.L.U. Sucursal Panamá, Constructora Rodsa S.A., Edificadora Centroamericana Rapiparedes S.A., Inversiones Los Tres and Constructora con Futuro S.A.

In Guatemala, some of the main companies contracted by the government were H3 Guatemala S.A., Constructora Codico S.A., Proyecciones y Construcciones a Futuro de Sur Oriente S.A., Constructora Guerra S.A., among others.

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