It’s been days that the internet cable connection at Tigo (formerly Amnet) has gone from bad to worse. The little icon on you computer shows “connected” and “internet access”, but there is no surfing going on.


The Tigo logo. Suggest renaming it “TiNOgo”.

Following is a screenshot of my browser.



The problem can be intermittent, last only a second or two – which in today’s information highway is a lifetime – to endless minutes of the browser “connecting”.

Emails to Tigo have gone unanswered. Placing a call to customer service means talking to someone in El Salvador, with a strange accent and no ground knowledge of what is happening locally. And though the call is not long distance, darned if I am going to burn minutes waiting to listen to a long menu of choices and then piped music that is mean to calm me down, but rarely has that effect on me.

So, here I am, “waiting for www…….”, oh wait, I am back. Not. Yeah. Not. Yes sir. Not. Yippie. Not. and so on…

To update this edition I had to resort to my backup, Kolbi 3G with a iPhone tether. Ugh. It’s OK for mobile surfing, but totally unacceptable for anything else.


They sure are quick on getting on late payers, maybe they should use the same staff for customer service. Your thoughts? Use the comments section below to tell you story.