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Why doesn’t Costa Rica join Panama?

Rico’s Digest – As many of you who follow me know I am an avid reader of Quora. I enjoy the daily digest that pops up in my email in the wee hours of the norming.

For the most part, the questions are interesting, the answers even more. I skip through the ones that don’t interest me.

One question piqued my curiosity: Why doesn’t Costa Rica join Panama? Won’t they benefit?

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I enjoyed the answer by Eric Nicholls, who was born and raised in Panama: I believe that Costa Rica should not join Panama, we should form a new country instead.

Nicholls explained,

“If I was in charge, this is what I’d do:

  • Panama and Costa Rica should be a single country. We share the same isthmus and our economies are comparable.
  • Together, we would make a country of 9M people. So we would be more relevant in the global stage.
  • Each country could become a Province and we’ll call our union the United Provinces of America, but we will short it to America, just to piss off the South Canadians.
  • The Panamanian government is too corrupt so I would prefer the tican (sic) government to be in charge.
  • We can create a new currency called the United Provinces Dollar and peg it with the US Dollar. We will use the same design as the Colon. You guys have the most beautiful currency.
  • We will also fix common problems like addressing, no more 200 meters from La Tiendita, or 3 streets from McDonald’s. Our addresses will be 123 Green Ave.
  • Costa Rica will be in charge of Tourism, Agriculture, and Technology, and Panama will be in charge of Maritime and banking. So CR will be more like California, and Panama will be more like New York.
  • We will also invest more in Universal Health Care, and education. English will be the 2nd official language, and we could even have an English University.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. the elite of each country like the way things are because they don’t want to lose or share their wealth and the people of each country have been brainwashed to protect nationalism.”

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What is your opinion?  Should Costa Rica and Panama become one country?

Along with that line, why not unify all of the countries of Central America, we can call it the United States of Central America – the U.S of C.A.?

Or course, I can see Nicaragua do a Quebec thing, for non-Canadians that is separation without separating, like divorcing but continue to live together.

Now that I’ve pissed off so many, I will call it a night.

Thanks for listening. Stay at home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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