What was a dream a few years ago, today became a reality, Costa Rica will again re-export papaya to Spain and Canada.

With the opening of the new fruit packing plant in El Jicote de Parrita, Víctor Carvajal, general manager of the Cooperativa de Productores de Frutas Tropicales y Servicios Múltiples (CoopeParrita Tropical RL), said that “with its commissioning we expect to go from 125,000 kilos of papaya to pack 200,000 kilos a week. This definitely means a change of style in the life of the locals and nearby communities.”

“Projects like this show us that with the training of our human talent, the use of technology and the articulation of efforts between the public and private sectors, we can grow and promote development in all territories, with equity and inclusion,” said president Carlos Alvarado, during the plant inauguration ceremony on Friday.

The construction of the plant and the economic activity that develops around it benefits 33 producers directly associated with the cooperative that is in charge of the administration, and a total of 200 families for the generation of direct and indirect jobs.

Photos by Roberto Carlos Sánchez, Casa Presidencial