All for a good cause, women in Costa Rica will have the opportunity to walk the streets of San José in their brassieres.

Anasovi, ChepeCletas and the Fundación Vida Nueva have grouped together to organize a walk/run/bike through San José in a bra to promote the fight against breast cancer.

img_experience_backThe activity is set for Saturday, October 5, starting at 9:30am in the Parque Nacional (across from the Legislative Assembly building in downtown San José).

October is breast cancer awareness month.

On Sunday, October 6, the Anna Ross Foundation is holding its 10km walk and run, the largest against breast cancer in Latin America. The Ross Foundation was created in 2003 and had become an annual tradition in Costa Rica since.

The Anna Ross event includes  2 kilometre walk that is free and open to all and a 5 and 10 kilometre run that costs ¢8.000 colones, will all proceeds going towards the fight against breast cancer. The Ross Walk and Run starts at 8am at the Parque La Merced in downtown San José.

The walk/run/bike in bra and Anna Ross event is just one of the many events around the country, though most are concentrated in the Central Valley and San José, where the majority of the country’s population live.

This is the second walk/run/bike in bra event in the country. Last year some 300 women came out in their bras. The walk/run/bike in bra event is open to all ages and sexes.

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