COSTA RICA NEWS – As a new government employee, President Luis Guillermo Solís, is asking for more time to present his 100 days in office report, which he is expected to present to the Legislative Assembly and the people of Costa Rica, on Thursday.

Republica-Luis-Guillermo-Solis-FOTOARCHIVO_AHOIMA20140730_0004_10“I am working on it, and as a new employee I ask for time to identify and establish the actions that will benefit the country; it’s been only three months, not three years,” said the President when asked when he will present his report.

For now all we have is a consensus that the Don Guillermo will present his report on August 21. However,  there is no fixed date or time, certain only the place, the Legislative Assembly. In addition, legislative members of the PAC has been infighting with PAC leader, Ottón Solís, for the date and time.

Interesting to note that, according to the Technical Services Department of the Assembly (Departamento de Servicios Técnicos de la Asamblea), Solís needs only present his report to the Legislature without it being challenged, ie., respond to questions of the legisaltors or give explanations.

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