QCOSTARICA BLOGS – War in the entire Middle East continued reports of mass killings in Iraq, Israel, Syria the U.S. and a refugee crisis of the poorest of the poor escaping their home country while we, and the developed world hotly debate the rights of LBGT community. Most people do not even know what LGBT stands for yet they are still vehemently against it. For those who are not knowing it is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.”

Now, as the globe tips over to human poverty, the destruction of innocent civilians who are also being killed at an insurmountable rate, a monumental increase in socio/economic inequality that, like a cancer, just keeps on growing……. we argue, we spend endless days deciding who can use what bathroom.

Who can be married, who can be in love, who can have sex….did I say sex? Isn’t that, in truth, what all this nonsense is about?

“The Bible says….” It says a lot of things no matter which bible is of your choice. One of them, regardless of religions comes the word “love.”

Then again, why should I care what people do in their bedroom, or as Lady Gaga’s song goes, “I Was Born This Way”.

I cannot think of anything lower on the totem pole of human values than private, consensual, adult sex.

In short, who cares?

I care about the people of the Middle East, the Black Lives Matter, even my taxes and we never leave out the inept CAJA, but all this and hundreds of more situations come long before the gymnastics in our private bedroom that seem to require dominate laws.
Love is love, no matter how or where we find it. Let it be far above hate and killing. As John Lennon said, said, “Let it be, Let it be”.

Costa Rica cannot afford to ignore the Cuban and African refugees, especially after all the “blah, blah” about freedom and your home away from home is us. Now these are things to worry about!