946486_516416488412969_231327907_nCosta Rica joins “Café pendiente”, a philanthropic practice that had its origins in Naples, Italy, in 2008, where one person  buys his own coffee and leaves behind a paid one for another person who is unable to pay.

The idea followed Europe to South America and now in Costa Rica, giving the gift to a person who cannot afford a cup of coffee to enjoy one.

The social initiative is in Costa Rica thanks to the collective efforts of the blogs, Chepecletas, Indignados de CR and 89 Decibeles.

Participating coffee shops are easily identified with a sticker at the their front door. Taking part in the project already are Viva Café, Ecomercado and La Cafeteria in San José,

More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/cafependientecr. Better yet, visit one of the coffee shops taking part in the initiative and buy someone a cup of coffee!

If you are a coffee shop owner consider joining the “Café pendiente”!

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