gas-pumpQCOSTARICA – Despite the internationally decline in prices on petroleum products as a the result of oversupply in the market and the slowdown in demand in Europe and China; in Costa Rica, fuel prices continue the highest in the region.

Accordiong to, a round up of fuel prices in Central America as at April 13 reveals the following prices per (US) gallon at the pumps.

El Salvador:  $2.66 / $2.98 / $3.16
Guatemala $2.59 / $3.01 / $3.21
Honduras $3.09 / $3.60 / $3.87
Nicaragua $3.14 / $3.63 / $3.79
Costa Rica $3.52 / $4.04 / $4.23
Panamá $2.45 / $2.81 / $2.97 (from

The report indicates during April, the price of WTI (West Texas Intermediate) in the U.S. Gulf Coast of  averaged  $ 51.11 per barrel, an increase of + 7.94% over the previous month. In recent weeks the international prices of petroleum products recorded the following variations: -2.09% in super gasoline, -1.46% for regular gasoline and +3.53% in diesel.

In Costa Rica, gasoline is dispensed in liters and the price is set by the government regulatory agency, the Aresep.

The current price at the pumps for a liter of gasoline in Costa Rica is:  ¢601  for super, ¢574 for regular and ¢500 for diesel.

The tax on the above prices is: ¢246.25 for super, ¢235 for regular and ¢139.25 for diesel. Gasoline station owners are allowed to add ¢55.7070 per liter as a profit margin.


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