When was the last time you visited the Mercado Borbón, the city market located in one downtown San Jose’s less desirable areas? And perhaps just for that, you probably haven’t visited. And may not any time soon.

But don’t despair, you can now purchase online the quality Mercado Borbón fresh products and at great prices and have them delivered to your home.

For almost six decades the historic Mercado Borbón has opened its doors to Costa Rican families to provide quality products daily.

The launch of the new strategy, Mercado Borbón Virtual, involves Coopeborbón associates allied with “Digital Solidarity”. From fresh onions, garlic, repollo (cabbage), platano, carrots, eggplant, aguacate, carrots, tomatoes, pineapple and much, much more, online customs can make their purchases from their computers or smartphones, at a good price, have it delivered to their home or office.

Martha Estrada, manager of the Cooperative, said that the idea is for the market to reinvent itself to attract new consumers who for different reasons do not visit.

Visit the Mercado Borbón online here.

The cost of delivery is ¢3,000 colones. That express deliver cost or rules of delivery are not spelled out, you only learn of it prior to check out.

For the purposes of this article we selected fresh imported garlic for a cost of ¢1,680 colones for 1/2 kg, with delivery in San Jose area (we used a Santa Ana and Heredia address). Total cost ¢4,680.

If you want more information, you can contact the Mercado Borbón Virtual through their Facebook page of the Borbón Market, by phone ay 7138 0495 or by email: ventas@mercadoborbon.com.

The outside of the inner city market


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