VIEJO-VERDE-735x400QCOSTARICA – The alleged “viejo verde” (sexual pervert) speaks out, saying “show me the proof that I was indeed recording. The ‘muchacho’ (boy) hinted that, the boy made it public implying that I was doing that, but prove it that I was actually recording,” the Finance Ministry official surnamed Umaña, commented to

The man says he has been wrongly accused, tried and convicted in the press and social media.

“They have knocked me down, criticized me. For me it’s an injustice, blown out of proportion. I hope you understand that one too is human and so much abuse and so many things, I don’t know where it will go, or what it the intention,” said Umaña.

Umaña was shamed publicly by Gerardo Cruz Barquero, the 22 year-old who still lies in a hospital bed in serious condition after being stabbed last Wednesday, two days after making public the video of the man allegedly videoing up a woman’s dress in downtown San Jose, that went viral in the social media and reported in the local and international media.

As to the filming, Umaña says “we re all actors or victims of some sort or another”.

As to the attack on Gerardo, Umaña emphasized he has nothing to do with it, that is willing to cooperate with police fully, to provide the information that leads to the detention of those responsible and wishes Gerardo to pull through this.

“I place myself at the disposal of the authorities on whatever they need (…),” said Umaña.

The man who works with National Accounts at the Ministerio de Hacienda said, “I have nothing to regret, in reality let God judge me for what is happening. In reality people make too big a deal of out of things and do lots of damage, using my photo from my Facebook profile; I have 4 months old chile and also mentioned atrocities of him,” said the man.

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