In a surprise result, Luis Guillermo Solís, of the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC), won the first round with a 30.8% over ruling party Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) candidate, Johnny Araya, who came in second with 29.7% of the vote.

Neither candidate won the required 40%. So, Costa Ricans now get to vote for one or the other on April 6.

When it was all said and done, José María Villalta, of the Frente Amplio, took in 17.2% of the vote, Otto Guevara, of the Movimiento Libertario, 11.2%, and Rodolfo Piza, of the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC),6%. The other eight candidates took in the rest of the votes, less than 5% .

Solís, in a speech outside his home in Montes de Oca (San Pedro), said his political group is ready to start building a country based on the values they have shown the people.

“The time has come to Costa Rica. Thousands are here today with us from every part of the country and from other country, knowing that the people were wise in choosing undoubtedly between change and yesterday’s continuity”, Solis told supporters.

“To all of Costa Rica thank you for your insight and courage, the understanding and thank you very much for the joy that has become the definitive mark of this movement that will change from now on Costa Rican politics”, continues Solís.

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