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30,000 Nicaraguans Fled to Costa Rica In Six Months

The director of Costa Rica's immigration service, Raquel Vargas, said on Sunday that the number of Nicaraguans who have fled to Costa Rica in the past six months is of no less than 30,000. Vargas said they are seeking refuge from the violence and persecution...

Exiles tell their dramas

They fled. In six months of socio-political crisis in Nicaragua, more than 23,000 people have left the country because they believe their lives are in danger, after participating in anti-government protests. Many of the Nicaraguans who have taken refuge in Costa Rica entered that country...

Costa Rica “On Alert” Of A Migratory Crisis Over Violence in Nicaragua

The political and social crisis that Nicaragua is experiencing has Costa Rica on the verge of a migratory crisis for which it may not be prepared due to lack of resources. The entrance of 3,300 refugees only during June and more than 10,000 applications in...