(QBLOGS) Like or not, it is going to take a long, long time to analyze why Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States of America. Certainly it is a lesson to be learned and we know little as of now. After the initial shock and the protestors go back to business, homes and schools, we might better understand.

The effect on Costa Rica….the same. Wait and see but be prepared for a good and bad scenario.

Unfortunately, being prepared for most anything is not our strong point.

A lot of research and almost every important project reported by the Spanish language newspaper La Nación is written in “future” tense.”

As to the new U.S. president, we just have to wait.

“No”, he is not the president we expected based on the oh so accurate polls. But Trump won and nobody is absolutely sure how while the academics and CNN make this a full-time job.

Actually CNN, like most every important story, has already made the Trump victory a “cottage industry” which will be broadcast, rebroadcast forever and a day until it burns out.

So far, about the only thing that I can ascertain is that the Dems (Democrats) were so positive on a win, according to the polls, not enough of them came out to vote. This includes white, females and minorities.

This is where Obama shined and Hillary did not.

Trump is focused, so he says, on bringing back foreign manufacturing of American companies overseas. I don’t see how? Like it or not, unlike 30 years ago we are in a global economy which would be extremely difficult to reverse outside of war.

Let’s relax a little and let the cards to be played hit the table before getting angry.

Rioting is premature and violence in unacceptable. We, in Costa Rica, voted for the model of “change”, Solís, and not much has changed except he (the President) evidently likes to travel a lot and I, personally, feel safer when the guy is out of the country.

My advice? Sit back and enjoy Pura Vida, this is your nation and the biggest complaint last week is that somehow the courts are involved in regulating gas prices. Important but not devastating!

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