Tensions flared this morning when a woman behind the wheel of a late model SUV hit at least three protesters in the are of the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE), in San Jose.

Woman who hit three protesters this morning was arrested by police. Foto Albert Marín / La Nacion

The woman was arrested and have opened a case against the woman, identified by her last names Goicoechea Rodríguez, by the Prosecutor’s Office of the First Judicial Circuit of San José, for an apparent offense of assault with a weapon.

Photo Accidentes de Costa Rica

The incident occurred before noon this Wednesday.

Jimmy Salazar, deputy head of the metropolitan region of the Traffic Police, explained that, according to witnesses, after hitting the persons, the woman tried to leave the scene because they (the crowd) apparently tried to attack her. However, she was stopped about 300 meters from the site, in front of the Omni building.

Photo Accidendentes de Costa Rica

“The vehicle was the target of some vandalism on the part of the protesters. The Fuerza Publica (national police) and the aggressions were stopped and afterwards my companion issued a ticket, the  (license) plates were confiscated and the only one of the 3 people hit was transferred to a hospital where he received medical attention,” explained Salazar.

Photo Accidendentes de Costa Rica

Transit Police towed the vehicle from the scene.

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