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20 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views

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If improving your audience reach for better sales and conversions is the end goal of your Instagram marketing, an important parameter to pay attention to is the number of views you receive on your Instagram Stories.

The market, however, is abuzz with too many Instagram Story view sellers. How do you decide which website is suitable for your purchase? To make your purchasing decisions more accessible, we have put together a list of twenty of the most reputable sites IG users have been noted to buy Instagram Story views from. All of these are safe and legit. Check them below:

1) Instagrowing

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InstaGrowing makes it to our best sites list because it provides instant delivery of real reliable views. Your orders begin filling within 10-20 minutes of purchase authentication. What’s more, the company has a reputation for happy returning clients. You only need to read the reviews left on this site and other websites to understand why InstaGrowing tops our charts. Every view’s package here is priced at a very affordable rate and is sure to appeal to both business and personal IG users alike. You can easily buy Instagram Story views (100) for as little as $0.99 and see the entire order filled within 12 hours! InstaGrowing uses a safe and secure portal for payments and accepts various payment options like bitcoins and e-wallets besides credit/debit options. While most legit companies also allow a similar variety of payment options, not many prefer crypto or wallet payments. The process of buying views here is relatively easy. Once you have selected a package of your choice, you will be promoted to provide your IG URL and an email for completing the process. All information regarding the order, including order tracking details, will be sent to this email, so make sure you provide a valid email. All in all, buying views here is a breeze, and you should keep this site marked for your IG signal needs.

2) Followers ID

FollowersID has packages to suit the needs of all types of IG users who wish to enlarge their visibility, get a real boost, and go social viral as quickly as possible. Irrespective of whether you have a personal or business account, you can shop here for real account views and be assured of excellent customer support on the side too. A typical package for 100 with a 1-12 hours delivery timeframe will cost you $1.19 on this website. Like Instagrowing, this site, too, has a straightforward buying process that will require you to provide a URL and an email but will at no point ask for a password. You are assured of privacy protection when you purchase any signal from this site, Instagram Story views included. The site is well received by clients and has many of them return to buy more products, and it makes them a reliable place to shop from.

3) BuyTopLikes

This seller promises top-quality views with a non-drop rate and a hassle-free transaction. Like the other sites already mentioned, here too, you will never be asked for your Instagram password at any point in the purchasing process. You have a 30-day refund or refill guarantee when you buy Instagram Story views from here. They also have a 100% money-back policy subject to specific terms and conditions. Pay $0.99 for 100 views which will appear on your account within 1-12 hours. If you run into issues, the 24/7 customer support is super helpful and approachable. Additionally, the encryptions put in place by the site ensure your privacy is fully guarded at all times.

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4) Followerscart

Followerscart allows you to track your order as it is getting fulfilled, and the tracking is sent to you via email once your payment is accepted for the order placed. We recommend this site despite cryptic information on display on the official page because customer care is readily available for solving any doubts you may have about shopping here. In addition to customer support that is reachable through email, phone, and WhatsApp, this British company promises 100% views from profiles with English names. Depending on order traffic and the views package chosen, orders placed with this website can take anything between 2-3 minutes to 48 hours to get filled. Every order is assigned a client support team member for a personalized shopping experience. It makes up for the lack of ready information at first glance on site. The smallest package on offer here is 250 sustainable views for $4.50.

5) EarnViews

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EarnViews currently has an offer for 1250 Instagram Story views for $0.95 with an additional 100 for free. That is a very pocket-friendly package! This pack is otherwise priced at $7.99, which is not that expensive either though it is one of the higher-priced view bundles in the market. Most packages on offer at EarnViews get filled within 1-2 hours of purchase. The website promises a 100% safe shopping experience by delivering only premium quality views from real profiles. If you are interested in auto-views on unlimited Story uploads, EarnViews has them too. Auto-view packages here start at 500 auto views for $29.89. You will need to take a minimum 30-day subscription for this package. All monetary transactions are conducted through encrypted gateways that ensure no customer information is compromised. Earmark this site to avail of jumbo-timed discounts and get the best value for every penny you spend on views here.

6) Soclikes

If you are looking for rapid delivery of genuine views for unbelievably low prices but do not mind the demographic from where your social signals are sourced, you may find this one of the best sites that fit your budget. They have their 100 views package priced at $0.99, which by the market standards is relatively low. All you need to do is provide your Instagram URL and a working email during order placement. The views are sourced from internationally placed IG users, which ensures you have a good chance of improving your organic reach among IG users of various countries and professions. Like most sites selling views from similarly spread profiles, Soclikes currently does not allow you to customize the distribution of the demographic sources of the service you receive.

7) InstaFollowers

Give your account a real boost and an enlarged visibility rate with top-quality views from InstaFollowers. With competitor packages and happy returning clients, InstaFollowers has built itself a name in the field of selling IG signaled. The website often has discounts running on its services. However, even without a discounted rate, 100 social signals here will cost you only $0.24. Rest assured, shopping here will not burn a hole in your pockets! The purchasing experience is seamless, and a 24/7 client service chat system ensures that you always have someone to reach out to whenever you need assistance, be it night or day.

8) PlanYourGram

For many IG users, buying bigger bundles of IG signals makes more sense than investing in small packages. If that holds for you, too, you can place bulk orders for views here without worry. The packs at PlanYourGram start at 1000 views for $0.85. Buy Instagram Story views here to increase brand reputation revenue potentials, and make your content go social viral. As mentioned, the website has a money-back guarantee on failure to provide service. Moreover, you can contact customer service at any time to get the company to tailor a package of any size to suit your budget and social media marketing needs.

9) BuyViewsLikes

Another website that you can turn to if you want to buy Instagram Story views in large quantities is BuyViewsLikes. You will get 3000 social signals for $2.00. The delivery is split over several Instagram Stories that you put up, and it usually takes around 24 hours to complete any order. Moreover, you are guaranteed a full refund on any delivery that fails to live up to the product description. Like most sites that offer bulk packages, you are explicitly asked not to start a second order unless your first one is fulfilled to avoid confusion over order filling. The site has some clear refund and refills policies in place should there be issues over any order placed with this company.

10) Insta-Likes Shop

Several business accounts prefer using Insta-Likes Shop for their wide variety of social media services. Here you can purchase a hundred views for $1.99. The site fills most orders within hours of transaction acceptance. However, if you need instant delivery, you will need to add this to your cart while checking out for a 20% extra service charge. The website maintains a satisfaction tracker of all recent customer ratings and has a100% customer satisfaction grading. Consult their client service for further information on how to tailor your package to bring a real boost to your views count and broaden your profile’s reach.

11) PaySocialMedia

Buy Instagram Story views here to avail excellent client service and genuine view delivery. The gateways used by the site ensure a process of secure payments. You can rest assured you won’t have identity theft or get caught in any social media malpractice if you place your trust in this service provider. The site claims all views are sourced from real audience clusters. A package of 500 Instagram Story views will cost you $3.49 here.

12) QubeViews

QubeViews is one of the best sites for sourcing genuine premium quality social signals for overall brand growth on any platform. Buy Instagram Story views here at very competitive prices, and be assured of timely delivery of your order. In the rare event of partial or unsatisfactory fulfillment of an order, dissatisfied clients have the option to claim a full refund on their billing subject to terms and conditions.

13) BuyRealGramViews

Another great site to buy social media signals from is BuyRealGramViews. Broaden your audience impression and reach naturally by ordering premium views for your Instagram Stories from this site. Their 500 organic auto Story views package is priced at $0.85 and comes with a brand engagement booster. The site often has timed discounts running, so you may be billed much less if you avail of any of these rebates. Reach out to their service support which is available round the clock if you need a smaller package for purchase.

14) SocialWick

Another company to feature on our best sites list to buy Instagram Story views from is SocialWick. The company has fulfilled over 8 million orders to date, and a package of 100 social signals will cost you only $0.06 here. One USP of this site is the gateway used for secure payments. You are assured of 100% privacy protection when purchasing your views here. SocialWick will never ask for your Instagram password, no matter which package you choose to buy.

Additionally, the site offers a 30-day refill or refund policy in the unlikely event of any drops registered on the views sent to you. All social signals are delivered from real profiles placed all over the globe. The site has a reputation for filling orders quickly and expects your delivery to start getting filled within minutes of transaction authentication.

15) Instasocials

Instasocials has also made a name for itself as one of the best sites to shop for Instagram signals of any nature. Most services on this site mimic natural growth by following a gradual delivery process. However, because Stories do not have a long shelf life, the delivery of orders tends to get completed at a much quicker pace. All social media engagement ordered here is sourced from genuine profiles, and views are no exception. Buy Instagram Story views to ensure a secure transaction process and an incredible client support system accessible around the clock. You can get 1000 for only $2.65. The site runs huge sales and timed discounts quite frequently too.

16) SocialGreg

At SocialGreg, you can buy Instagram Story views (100) at a cost as little as $0.06. You get to fill in the number you wish to purchase in a drop-down bar, and the website generates what the views will cost. All social signals are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and all payment gateways secure. You can order auto refills on your package and avail of 24-hour client support service. With options that can be used to fill the needs of all types of social media users, this is a great site to try out if you are keen on enlarging your profile’s visibility and bringing a real boost to the audience reach of your Instagram Stories.

17) BuyCheapestFollowers

Considered among the best sites for followers, this company also provides authentic Instagram Story views with great value. Their 100 views package is priced at only $0.99! You will get all views from real users at a rapid delivery rate. The site claims some of them may even leave comments and follow your profile to give you a boost in organic reach.

18) Buzzoid

With a starting package of 100 views for $2, Buzzoid remains true to its by-line. The site has a “plan for every need.” If you are looking for instant delivery of views from people based worldwide to improve your organic reach and become social viral, look no further than Buzzoid. The site has a decent refund policy with a full money back option if the order fails to meet what is stated in the package description.

19) instantly delivers 100 social signals for $1.22 with drop protection and secure payment gateways. The 24/7 support here makes it one of the best sites to trust for your IG marketing needs. This UAE-based website has frequent offers running, so your views package may cost you way less than the listed price if you are lucky.

20) SubscriberZ

Another company that you can get quality views at a very competitive price from is SubscriberZ. They have a commendable returning client base, and that alone convinces us that this site is worth a place in our best sites list. You can get 100 views for $1.99 and have the full delivery filled within a day of order placement. To top it, the reviews claim the customer assistance here is stellar.

Understanding All the Basics About Instagram Story Views

IG algorithms are wired to consider engagement in a separate calculation system from your regular posts’ attention. Instagram Stories appear in a horizontal feed that is customized for each IG user. Previously, this used to be chronological, but recent changes have ensured that followers who actively and frequently engage with you see your content appear higher up on their Story feed. Live Instagram Stories likewise have a better visibility ranking.

Choosing a service that gives you the best value for what you can be mind-boggling when there are so many authentic providers out there. Here are some basic concepts you should have clear before making a purchasing decision. Let’s begin with a recapitulation of what Instagram Story views are.

The Instagram Story feature was launched in August 2016 to enable users to share content temporarily with their followers only. The posts put up as a Story remain viewable for only 24 hours before disappearing from the domain. Although the Story feed is visible only to followers, if you have a public account and an active Story on display, anyone who visits your profile can view your Story simply by clicking on your profile. Now you can have photographs, videos, and even live feeds as part of your Story. Moreover, there is no limit to how many Story segments you can upload. Instagram recently also introduced a settings feature that allows IG users to hide their engagement to complicate this further. It brings us to the question:

What do Instagram algorithms register as a Story view?

Typically, your Story needs to be “viewed” or played for a minimum of 3 seconds to be registered. So, if you have several segments uploaded and the viewer moves too quickly through them, the Story view may not note each part.

Will my IG account get any boost if I buy Instagram Story Views?

Yes. When you buy real views, you gain engagement from genuine profiles not already on your follower list. It means your audience reach for your Story grows beyond your existing one, and this works in your favor when Instagram algorithms calculate your overall engagement metrics.

Is it possible to buy Instagram Story Views that get delivered instantly?

Several sellers out there will provide instant delivery on purchases made from their company. At the same time, many prefer to deliver in a drip fashion that mimics an organic growth of views over time. Most dripped deliveries get filled within 3 days of order placement, depending on the size of the order placed.

If I do not want to buy Instagram Story views, what other methods can I improve my organic count?

The best way to increase your Instagram Story views count is to concentrate on methods that improve your organic reach and visibility. It may take time and require much patience on your end, but a natural social media growth is well worth the time and attention invested. Thus, if you are not in a big rush to establish your brand presence among a new audience, you can try the following five tried and tested ways to bring more views to your Stories successfully:

  • Analyze the perfect times for updating your Story. Using Instagram Analytics, you should determine when to post and what type of content to post in your Stories. It is recommended that you create a posting schedule around the time when your intended audience is most active. It also helps when you post frequently.
  • Use videos as Stories. It is easier to get a view of 3 seconds or more registered on your content when you put up videos instead of static posts. If you go live in these videos, all the better for gaining more Instagram views.
  • Create interactive content. Use polls, stickers, quizzes, and other forms of interactive features in your Stories to get more people to notice them. Use the Stories to provide your viewers with swipeable links or direct them to other content.
  • Clean out your followers periodically. Having inactive or ghost followers can significantly bring down your engagement on Stories. Keep a tab on your followers’ engagement with your social media content and prune your fan list accordingly.
  • Engage with others. The best way to bring interactions of any kind to your content is by being actively engaged with other users yourself. Social media marketing is all about building strong communication links with others on the platform. Those you are more communicative with will surely pay attention to changes in your Story uploads.

How pricey is it on average to buy Instagram Story views from authentic accounts?

The service cost can range from a few cents to several dollars, and this would depend on where you are buying the views from. Furthermore, if your delivery consists of quality views from authentic accounts, it may be priced slightly higher than a package that provides the same number of views from bots. Sites that give bot-views have their view bundles priced at highly cheap rates, and that itself is a red flag if you want real views. You scroll up and check the sites we have reviewed for you. Quality views can also be purchased without burning a big hole in your pocket. If you are considering buying from a site like the ones listed here, on average, a package for 100 views costs about a dollar or two. Buy Instagram Story views from a trusted place to ensure you are not tricked into buying fake social signals for a cheap rate.

What Buyers Frequently Ask About Investing in Instagram Story Views

Will I get into legal trouble if I buy Instagram Story views?

No, you are doing nothing illegal if you are buying authentic views. Instagram has strict protocols and guidelines regarding using bots and fake signals, but it has no explicit rule that says you cannot purchase genuine service. So, if you are keen on buying views for your IG Stories, be sure that you buy Instagram Story views of the right kind, and you will be fine. You will not be breaching any legal guidelines.

Do purchasing views grow my attractiveness? Why should anyone consider an opportunity to buy Instagram Story views?

Stories are one of the most popular content types on Instagram. Concentrating on getting more views on your Story feed is a means of improving your ROI. Profiles that receive more engagement and views get pushed out on the Story feed of more IG users. So, increasing the views you accept on them also helps boost your Instagram presence. You can say that views bring in more Instagram views when this happens. If your realistic view count is low, it certainly makes sense to buy Instagram Story views. Influencers and business houses should especially consider buying views to make more target audience members notice their videos and live sessions.

Is there a requirement for a minimum number of Instagram Story views for my account to get a verification badge?

Instagram does not specify Story view requirements for acquiring verification, but it certainly helps the platform conduct its background check on your account if you have genuine Story viewers. When you have real engagement from verifiable users on your content, it adds to your credibility as a valid account yourself.

How do I ensure that the decision to buy Instagram Story views is a safe marketing strategy to adopt?

Don’t rely on only paid signals to grow your social media presence. Even if you buy Instagram Story views fairly regularly, be sure to focus on ways to grow your audience organically. Additionally, always purchase your views from genuine sellers. Please stay away from investing in bot views, although they may have a faster delivery rate and a cheaper cost. Your account may get flagged or even banned if bot activity is detected.

What should I check about the seller before I buy Instagram Story views?

A background check on the seller’s authenticity includes checking:

  • How long the seller has been around and if they have a verifiable address and other contact information. If the business registration is genuine, the services are likely to be so.
  • What real clients have to say about their shopping experience with the seller. It includes how they felt about customer support, delivery time, transaction transparency, and so on.
  • If the payment methods accepted by the site are secure. A credible and safe seller will not ask for your password and will use gateways that do not store sensitive credit card or bank account information.

Main Thoughts

Growing your Instagram Story views helps increase your social media presence and establish a business reputation. Keep a check on your IG Story analytics to study the engagement you gain here on an average and work on improving these metrics for better IG growth. Boost your reach and visibility, sales conversion possibilities, and overall popularity on the platform by focusing on gaining more views on your Story uploads. Buy Instagram Story views to speed things up safely and securely. Since Stories are mainly visible to your followers only, having great engagement on Stories is a valuable means of accessing who are constantly up-to-date with your activities and are likely to become your regular clients and customers. When you are using Instagram to improve your sales and credibility, improving Story views is a sure means to achieving your goals!

Getting your audience to view your content naturally can be challenging, and it is not always easy to boost your Instagram page to achieve more views. For this reason, many business accounts choose to buy Instagram Story views as part of their marketing strategy to become social viral.

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Paying the bills
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