4 Dream Destinations if you are a Vegetarian Traveler



Sometimes when I would tell my friends about my plan of next trip as a vegetarian, then everyone would sincerely ask me a general question, “What and Where are you going to eat?” And my answer used to be simple, “There are many dishes that I would be able to stumble upon.”

Additionally, when I would answer them about the places in the world, they would not believe about the same. And while they would ask me about the accommodations, I would inform them about the latest Hotels offers from CouponsMonk. And their jaws would widen even more.

So now let us jump in the countries which are considered to be the dream destinations while you are planning for a vegetarian traveler.

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1. India

An easy and feasible way to sample the varied range of dishes is to order for a “Thali.” Every Thali has some or the other differences. Some have 5 set of items and some may have 7, and some may reach the record of 18 as well.

The typical things that you can expect in every Thali are Rice, Naan [similar to bread and made up from the wheat flour], Curd [Yogurt], Daal [Pulses], and Pickle. Additionally, you can expect some curry-like veg dishes as shown above.

Tip: Much of India’s food is on the street only. It may be sometimes risky but is worth taking and sometimes life-changing as well.

2. Vietnam

When you are tripping Vietnam, you can always expect a variety of tofu dishes, soup, rice, and an assortment of dishes that you can’t resist. It is recommended to use hot sauce every time you intake. However, whichever restaurant you are heading to would provide you with its own chilly paste and chilly sauce.

Tip: If you want to have an all-veg diet, then you can head towards an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. When I was in Vietnam, I found them throughout the nation. And believe me, I was never left unsatisfied and empty stomach.

3. Isreal

If you are tripping Israel and you are a vegetarian, then you would love the dips, salads, and spreads of the Israeli cuisine. The lip-smacking and delicious dishes are greatly influenced by the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean region along with the Levantine ingredients. And this has created a diverse food culture.

Tip: you can start your day with a tasty Hummus. The dish is easy to make and quick as well. All you need to do is to boil the chickpeas, and the rest is left to you. This is a 5-minute recipe so have a try.

4. Italy

Pizzas… Shh…!!! Pastas… Yummy..!! Soups and Lasagne..!! Wow..!!

Italy is widely known for its cuisine, much of it is vegetarian. Considering from the starters, you will love the classic and timeless Caprese Salad with the combination of the tomato and real mozzarella along with the basil salt, olive oil, and salt.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Tip: Head to Turin! The reason is that in the year 2016, Turin’s Mayor announced his plans to convert the city as the Italy’s “First Vegetarian City.” Rejoice for all the veggies lovers!

The world is full of some of the lip-smacking and mouthwatering vegetarian food. You just need to know of the place and go for the same. So when you face the question of what are you going to eat, make sure that you are able to get all their questions solved with every sumptuous possibility.