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Are fantasy sports and online casinos legal in India?

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India is a very vast and fascinating place. Its unique character leaves a powerful impression on the visitors and tourists that have the opportunity to experience it up close.

With all the things you need to inform yourself about (customs, manners, taboos, tips and many more) before planning a trip, you would think that this place is quite different from yours. That, however, is not the case. Especially in the online domain, India is on par with any other leaders, like the US, the UK, Japan, or South Korea. T

his is true for free-time passions in online like iGaming. Virtual casinos, where you can place bets on slots, fantasy sports, live casino games and many more, are legal and popular in India.

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And that is great news for casino lovers and people who are curious about it. The abundance of online gambling platforms has only increased in the last 5 to 10 years. And with a great tool, anyone can see and choose a site to their liking, guaranteed to be safely licensed and providing great offers to your favor.

In case you want to start your journey safely, explore this page and try out an user-friendly website that explains the steps you need to take and how to pick out a good bonus. Want to become a high roller in your favorite casino? Try out using small steps and small, responsible bets, to secure your place among the elite.

The reasons why people choose to gamble online are plenty. The most popular ones are related to comfort and efficiency because all the gambling, talking, betting and cashing out is happening either on your computer or your phone. This means that you can be the poker or slots champion in your kitchen, on your porch or on your commute.

You’re in control of your surroundings and your bets, while Lady Luck is in charge of the games’ outcomes. And the fact that you can be home and still enjoy this atmosphere is simply great. You never know when great casinos may temporarily suspend their activity.

The Internet is the place where you can find anything you want regarding gambling. If we think and talk fantasy, the undeniable advantage is that the sky is not even the limit, the sky is just the starting point in terms of imagination. A player can construct a perfectly competent team and see it shine for different competitions, nothing like the real-life events. When real competitions are tainted by physical injuries, weather events, the fight of egos and many more problems, fantasy matches have nothing to do with such events.

It’s such a beloved way of creative time-spending that every place has its own favorite sport. Thus, US citizens love to create NFL idea teams, while according to the data from last year, Indian players love to play cricket the most out of all other options.

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Indian statistics are not only in favor of fantasy sports, but in general with online gaming that involves wagering money. Thus, the numbers are very optimistic towards this somehow new trend, and its future looks bright and stable. Most of the usual players are in their early 20s, which means that the bay of users will keep rolling with this passion until their late adulthood, one can safely assume.

And because this group is young and in expansion, it creates a potent economic bubble out of which supply and demand create more jobs. It is estimated that around 40,000 people will end up working in the online gaming industry, starting now and up to two years into the future.



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Life is moving more in more in our laptops and phones, and even if some certain groups and individuals oppose this and openly criticize it, it is only a natural response to the times and technologies that we have at hand. People just want to make their lives easier and they will continue to do it until the next best thing comes up. For now, online gambling and its other subsidiary gaming forms are blooming and keeping huge numbers of players entertained all around the globe, including India.

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Paying the bills
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