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Avoid using cash to prevent contagion of COVID-19

Recommend is avoiding the use of cash and, if you do, you need to disinfect your hands immediately

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


(QCOSTARICA) Avoiding using cash when going to supermarkets, restaurants, sodas, coffee shops, and stores is the recommendation of experts who suggest electronic payment emerges as the best alternative to avoid getting CVOID-19

Health Minister Daniel Salas is making a call to all to take care of themselves in the face of reopening that begins on September 9. Image La Republica

This recommendation is vital in the commercial opening phase that will take place in the country starting next Wednesday, September 9.

The cashless transaction is also advisable at cinemas and theaters, where tickets can be purchased online or by phone, to avoid interactions and crowds at the ticket offices.

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And in cases where the use of cash is necessary, such as in public transport, where the electronic collection will not be enabled until next year, it is necessary to wash or disinfect hands with alcohol, after handling the money.

Since March, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned about the risk of using cash, justifying that COVID-19 is likely to remain on the banknotes, like any other surface.

“The most important thing to know about Coronavirus contact with surfaces is that they can be easily cleaned with common household disinfectants that will kill the virus. Various studies have shown that COVID-19 can survive up to 72 hours on plastic surfaces and stainless steel, less than 4 hours on copper surfaces and less than 24 hours on cardboard surfaces,” warned the WHO.

In this way, avoiding cash payment becomes another ally to stop the increase in infected.

“In all possible, all payments by cards or without contact is an ideal situation. We know that it is not always entirely feasible, but it is still a recommendation,” said Health Minister Daniel Salas.

In addition to using electronic payment whenever possible, it is essential for all to maintain the protocols that have been suggested since the beginning of the pandemic such as hand washing, the use of masks (mandatory starting on September 9), not touching the face, social distancing and maintaining social bubbles.

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In addition, do not go anywhere, that is stay at home, if you are feeling sick or have respiratory symptoms.

Neglect these measures, you run the risk that the virus’s reproductive capacity will skyrocket.

The Centro Centroamericano de Población (CCP) of the University of Costa Rica estimates that, if the rate continues to increase, the country could experience an exponential increase in the curve of new infections and by October 2 there could be 4,200 new cases reported daily.

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The CPP latest (Sept. 2) indicated the R reproduction rate for Costa Rica is 1.15 (oscillating).

Recommendations by activity

To avoid the spread of the virus it is advisable to:

Public transport

  • Avoid touching surfaces, neither at the stop nor inside the units
  • Bring the full amount of the fare to avoid receiving change and use alcohol gel after touching the money
  • Keep windows open
  • Try not to have conversations inside the vehicle


  • Clean contact surfaces before starting work
  • Prefer natural ventilation – open as many windows as possible
  • Have an alcohol gel dispenser and use it frequently
  • Go to the dining room, in shifts and do not sit across of others
  • Not attending other coworker’s cubicles


  • The use of special masks is recommended for physical activities
  • Make sure the machine has been cleaned before use
  • Do not use your sweat wipe cloth to clean machines

Sodas, restaurants, and coffee shops

  • Ensure that tables and surfaces are cleaned prior to use
  • Respect the arrangement of the furniture established by the premises to ensure distancing
  • When removing the mask to eat, store it in a clean bag
  • Avoid using sauces, salt, pepper and other objects of communal use
  • No sharing of food
  • Prefer electronic payment
  • Don’t talk while eating

Cinemas and theaters

  • Buy tickets online or by phone
  • When removing the mask to eat, store it in a clean bag

Stores and supermarkets

  • Plan purchases and thus reduce the time spent in the establishment
  • Do not attend accompanied (most supermarkets will allow only one person per family nuclei, unless you can demonstrate you need assistance)
  • Avoid going during high traffic hours
  • Bring your own bags
  • Only touch the items you will buy
  • Prefer electronic payment
  • Apply disinfectant solution to the handle of grocery carts and baskets.


Another call to the population is to supervise, as clients, compliance with the protocols within the establishments.

In case of finding faults, violations, etc report it to the establishment. If there is disinterest or recidivism, report by calling 1322.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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Paying the bills
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