Wednesday 20 October 2021

Bit(coin) More Than You Can Chew?

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


Over the last decade or so, the digital world has seen so much growth and progress. Continuing developments in the digital realm have allowed more products and services to become available on digital platforms. Nowadays, you can do almost everything digitally.

Among the many things that have turned digital over time would be currencies. Of course, online banking and online payment services have been around for quite some time. But, more recently, digital currencies have become another development, specifically, cryptocurrencies.

Also known as crypto, digital currencies have become another way for people to not only allow their money to become more digitally viable, but it’s also allowed them to grow their money. As a result, it’s rapidly becoming another source of income, similar to how it would be if you invest in stocks.

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Bitcoin is one perfect example of a cryptocurrency that has become quite popular and widely invested in. But, much like stocks, the value of these currencies also rise and fall. So for some, it’s become part of the appeal.

With that in mind, if you’re considering buying into this digital currency, you first need to learn how to purchase Bitcoin. So, how do you go about it?

Bitcoin? What’s that?

Bitcoin is just one of the many kinds of cryptocurrencies that are currently available. As with other kinds of crypto, it’s decentralized. This means that all transactions you make with digital currencies such as Bitcoin are direct, unlike physical currencies regulated by institutions such as a central bank.

Bitcoin essentially functions similarly to a unit of stock or share in the stock exchange. It has a specific value ascribed to it, one determined by the supply and demand for it. In this case, the supply of Bitcoin would be determined through its creation process known as mining. The less supply of Bitcoin available and the more expensive it is to mine, the higher its value becomes and vice versa.

So, the more expensive or “in demand” Bitcoin becomes, the more money you could make out of it if you were to sell it. You could also pay for certain products and services in exchange for Bitcoin. The fact that its value can skyrocket so quickly makes it appealing to people to get into.

So, how do I buy Bitcoin?

Due to its potential to become a way to earn a lot of money within a short period of time, people opt to buy into it and get their own Bitcoin. But how does one go about doing so?

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In places where Bitcoin is widely accepted, such as in Australia, getting yourself some of this crypto is relatively easy!

For starters, you need to register for an account with any cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to make crypto transactions, such as buying, selling, and trading. By registering with them, you essentially help get your crypto portfolio started.

To register, you’ll have to go about it just like any other account you sign up for. You’ll need to give personal details (e.g., full name, e-mail address, contact number) and sort out your actual account details (e.g., username and password). Once you’ve verified all your information, provided some identification, confirmed any other information, you’ll be good to go!

Then, you can start making deposits into your account. This can help you get started on making any cryptocurrency-related transactions. After confirmation of your deposit, you can then begin actual purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your exchanges’ respective sites or apps.

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Just like that, you can get to buying Bitcoin, mining it, and then eventually earning from it. It’s that easy!

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a very lucrative means of trying to make money. They function almost like stocks, where they could potentially earn you money when the timing is just right. This is the reason that attracts people to it and the fact that it’s a decentralized type of currency that doesn’t need a third party for transactions.

If you’ve got enough money to spare and a drive to see where your luck would take you, Bitcoin is definitely something you can try out. Considering that it’s very easy to get started, there’s no reason not to if you’ve got the capabilities to do so!


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Paying the bills
Carter Maddox
Carter is self-described as thirty-three-and-a-half years old and his thirty-three-and-a-half years birthday is always on March 3. Carter characteristically avoids pronouns, referring to himself in the third person (e.g. "Carter has a question" rather than, "I have a question"). One day [in 1984], Carter, raised himself up and from that day forward we could all read what Carter writes.

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