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Your skin type is very important with the beauty care products you choose to avoid minor, or serious skin irritations. Most cosmetics are designed for a specific skin type, and is listed on their products. For example, hypoallergenic products are clinically tested to be safe for all skin types. If you know your skin type it makes it easier to have your skin care products tailored to your beauty care needs. Use blotting paper to pat your skin all over your face, no presence of oil means you have dry skin, and oil indicates you have normal/oil skin. For professional results see a dermatologist to test your skin type.

Known Skin Types

Normal Skin

Most people share a normal skin type; not sensitive to most ingredients included in beauty care products. Normal skin is known for their great circulation, and no visible signs of oil. Your popular skin type has even moisture, and small pores. You’re admired for the even tone to your skin, and the ability to use virtually any ingredients on your skin without adverse affects. However, even though normal skin doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, dermatologist recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is also referred to combination skin type because you can oily skin in certain areas, and have dry skin areas everywhere else. For instance, thousands of oily skin suffers complain about having very oily skin in their t-zone (i.e. nose, forehead, chin). Their is a high number of individuals who suffer from the dry skin type around the world. This skin type requires you know the parts of your skin that are oily, and you should focus on treating those areas.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can be very greasy, and difficult to highlight your cosmetics. You should keep your skin clean, and look for ways to minimize the shine from having oily skin. Face powder always presents a problem for oily skin, and requires select ingredients. If you suffer from extremely dry skin, you can carry a napkin (i.e. Kleenex exfoliating tissue) to minimize the shine by wiping the affected areas throughout the day. Additionally, use products for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Does your skin react negatively to mainly any skin care, or personal hygiene products? You probably suffer from sensitive skin, and required doctor recommended solutions to your skin type. Sensitive skin can be easily irritated, and must be treated with all-natural ingredients. There is a number of popular organic skin care products for sensitive skin. Always consult your doctor for advice on recommended products for sensitive skin to avoid an allergic reaction. Products with certain ingredients can irritate sensitive skin, and you should always take the time to see what is included in your skin care products.

Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin requires a dermatologist recommended skin care regimen to avoid a severe case of acne. Choose an non-abrasive, and gentle formula for your skin to avoid a result of acne. The use of products that contain benzoyl peroxide is not recommended for an acne prone skin type. It is always a good idea to use an alcohol-free acne cleanser for acne. Acne prone skin suffers treat their skin to avoid flare-ups, and should use dermatologist tested products.

If you know your skin type, it can help you retain a youthful radiant appearance to your skin. All skin types share damage from prolonged exposure to the skin. To learn more about your skin visit online directories about your skin, or visit your local dermatologist for more details.